Industry 4.0 & Blockchain Technology Solutions


We are excelled in developing private and public blockchain solutions to secure your business operations.

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We helped clients create their own cryptocurrency along with a wallet, exchange, mining software, etc.

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Software &
App Development

We help businesses in building robust digital presence by availing them with best-fitted web, app, and software solutions.

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Artificial Intelligence

We are skilled in delivering fully functional AI applications and software solutions with advanced security assurance.

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Machine Learning
App & Software

In this era of automation, our machine learning solutions are here to accelerate your business approaches to deliver proficiency.

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Cyber Security

With technology evolution, the risks of cyber-attacks are rising. With us, you can stay assured of the 3-D security of your digital assets.

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We have streamlined the various industrial operations by integrating the IoT technology solutions into their IT infrastructure.

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You need not worry about website monitoring & handling when an advanced and fully automated chatbot is next to your doorstep.

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Augmented &
Virtual Reality

Our AR & VR apps can help you experience 3D sense wisdom while showcasing your products in a physical world.

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With our machine translation solutions, language incompatibility will nevermore be the source of headaches while serving the clients globally.

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Gesture Recognition

It is the technology used to recognize the static & dynamic gestures to satisfy the security expectations in this industrial revolution four.

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Face Detection

To enhance security & operational stability, we have developed and implemented various industry-specific face recognition solutions.

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Professional Industry 4.0 Solutions and Blockchain Technology Services

Sara Technologies Inc. is an Industry 4.0 and blockchain-based enterprise solution development company based in San Diego. We have decades of experience serving a vast range of global enterprises with highly professional and technologically smart solutions to smoothen their business operations. All our direct or indirect efforts are directed to deliver highly scalable solutions within the given timeframe, which speed up the organization's success by driving productivity.

Our Extensive Products that have satisfied
client Specific-needs
Our products have enhanced the operational capabilities of all size organizations

Have a look at few of our latest software solutions that we have developed to satisfy the clients business specific needs and to enhance the operational capability in an advanced approach.

QuickStart Admin

QuickStart Admin is a Cloud-based solution for comprehensive management of employee's daily tasks, expenses, clients, projects, bills, and schedule.

  • CONTROL: Control what employees can do and see online.
  • INCREASE EFFICIENCY: Know coverage and scheduling availability information.
  • CONVENIENT: Unlimited access from anywhere (nothing to install or upgrade).
  • ORGANIZATION: Time off requests can be done online.
  • DELEGATE: Add scheduling managers & set their permissions
  • PRIVACY: All information is secure and password protected.


E-Governance provides agencies ways to save both the money and time of hosting standard board meetings. Increase the transparency and accountability of Human Resources and provide users with real-time answers to their queries.

  • Resolution Manager
  • E-Forms for Beneficiaries
  • Real-Time Reporting
  • E-Forms for Beneficiaries
  • Public Library (share and store documents)
  • Council Meeting Organization


E-Curriculum is a web-based tool to help the teacher to manage their curriculum and also to principal to see the status of courses taught by teachers. It allows educators to lead their students to success in grades K-12.

  • User-friendly to gain fast access to the current curriculum- Common Core Standards and State Standards.
  • Educators can use collaborative knowledge stored in one place from the entire staff in the school.
  • True instructional planning can occur at grade level and cross-grades.

eHR Department

E-HrDepartment is a software solution for the comprehensive management of human resources, career, and recruitment process.

  • Automating HR Processes
  • Make Appropriate Candidate Selection Easy
  • Improving Verification Process
  • Lowering Advertisement Costs
  • Proper Notification to Users
  • Reducing Time Complexity in the Hiring Process.

Daycare Software

The all-in-one solution to manage your daycare center. It allows parents and teachers to access everything securely about the children remotely at their figure tips just on a click of a button in the app.

  • Digital Attendance & Sign-In
  • Daily Reports & Assessment
  • Easy To Use & Operate
  • Remotely Accessible
  • Paperless Invoice & Billing
  • Parent-Teacher Meeting Scheduling

Point of Sale

SARA’s Point of Sale software is powered with all the advanced and exciting features that are necessary for any of the retail stores to process bug-free and smooth transactions.

  • Integrated Merchant Solutions
  • Multiple Channel Transactions
  • Remote Terminal Management
  • Lower Cost of Ownership
  • Comprehensive Back Support
  • Monitor Inventory
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