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It is the merger between conventional banking systems with decentralized technology with enhanced transparency by eliminating intermediator.

DeFi Development

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Decentralized finance (DeFi) is a blockchain-empowered transparent, permissionless, and open-source financial ecosystem that eliminates the role of central financial mediators like banking institutions, exchanges, or brokerages, to provide conventional financial instruments. Preferably, it uses blockchain to replace the middleman with a smart contract.

DeFi principles empower investors to borrow or lend funds without a middleman, contemplate cost changes on a scale of assets relating to derivatives. In short, we can say it is the key to merge blockchain into traditional banking systems. Investors can hold and control their money and hundreds of transactions can be processed within seconds without any single point of failure.

Prominent DeFi Applications

Decentralized Exchanges (DEXs)

Decentralized Exchanges (DEXs)

These exchanges don't need an intermediator to operate. They are very much secured and can process hundreds of transactions effortlessly by eliminating any central authority. Decentralized exchanges enable users to trade crypto assets trustlessly without any central administration. Cryptocurrencies traded through DEXs are not stored in a 3rd-party, or an escrow wallet, stored in a distributed network managed and operated by the network members.

SushiSwap, Curve, and Uniswap are some of the common decentralized exchanges.
Lending Platforms

Lending Platforms

DeFi enthusiasts say that these platforms are revolutionizing the lending ecosystem. Instead of an intermediator, these platforms use smart contracts — empowering lenders & borrowers to be a part of a decentralized ecosystem. Without selling their crypto-assets, borrowers can obtain liquidity, while lenders use their assets to loan amounts for borrowers and earn interest from it.

Aave, Compound, and Maker are some of the top decentralized finance lending platforms.
Prediction Markets

Prediction Markets

It allows shareholders to bet on the results of market events about to occur. Like conventional future prediction programs, these platforms work with decentralized functionality, which doesn't need any external authority interference.

Augur, FTX, Gnosis are some of the DeFi prediction markets.
Yield farming

Yield farming

It is the most trending term in the world of decentralized finance, and the phenomenon of locking crypto assets for getting rewarded in decentralized exchange is known as Yield Farming. Some of the well-known crypto coins such as ether, dai, tether are used for staking by yield farmers.

A few of the prominent yield farming platforms are Aave and Money markets Compound.

Benefits of Adopting DeFi Solutions

You can access an exclusive pool of benefits by collaborating with the DeFi professionals here at SARA Technologies. We ensure highly secure, trusted, and dependable decentralized business solutions.


An organization and its operators do not operate these enterprise operations — preferably; the rules, instructions, and commands are inscribed in the form of code (smart contract). After deploying the smart contracts to the decentralized ledger, DeFi applications run automatically without human interference, except periodical testing and bug fixing

Transparent Code

The blockchain code is transparent and openly available for anyone to audit, which does not mean a lack of privacy. This phenomenon creates a trustless environment for anyone to understand the operationality of a contract or detect faults.

Remotely Accessible

DeFi applications are created to be openly available and virtually accessible from day one. No matter you are located in San Diego or Virginia, you can virtually access the DeFi networks, services, and solutions simply using a stable internet connection


Unrestrictedly, anyone can create the DeFi apps, and anyone can participate and utilize them as per their needs. As a whole, it is permissionless, developed, managed, organized, and accessed independently without any external authority interference. Unlike traditional financial systems, in DeFi, users directly deal with pre-coded blockchain contracts using wallets.

Extensible User Experience

If you feel like your requirements can not be satisfied with the available decentralized applications, you can create your own or go for a 3rd-party interface. Just like open APIs, anyone can create DeFi applications using smart contracts blockchain.