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SARA is the best-suited choice for the clients who are looking for a partner to assist them in creating blockchain MLM software to headache-freely, securely and proficiently managing their binary MLM business.

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MLM Software or Multi-Level Marketing Software is one of the best solutions in terms of managing, controlling, and organizing the binary chain business in the right way. SARA Technologies is one of the leading blockchain development company and have helped hundreds of global clients with highly exclusive MLM software solutions to offer best direct selling system for every kind of multi-level marketing companies across the globe. Being a web-based software, it can be managed from any part of the world. Our blockchain MLM software can be integrated with websites as well as web apps also. The E-commerce industry would be benefited more from this software to sell and manage products on a common platform. MLM Software can be accessed from any operating device and will be responsive to all screen sizes.
Multilevel Marketing Software also referred as Multilevel Management Software that has specific needs like funds allocation, specific business plans, and commission structures that will be not available in regular accounting software. Direct sales companies depend on their distributors to run their small businesses. Their success entirely depends on the distributors that use their brands for making their image in the market. This includes sales, marketing, distribution, and marketing automation tools. But with this software, the dependency on distributors will get decreased as it will provide a robust platform for small businesses to offer their services directly to the customers and generate sales. Customer reach will also increase through the development of this software.

Benefits of Adopting Blockchain MLM Solutions?



Multi-level marketing companies, need to know the various levels and groups in the network to calculate finances and sales. The entire finances can be transparently observed in the system, strengthening the trust among the network members.

Smoother Transactions

Smoother Transactions

The use of smart contracts in a blockchain-based MLM system supports transaction automation, which removes unnecessary delays by making payments smoother and faster than the traditional payment systems.

Immutable Records

Immutable Records

The immutability of blockchain helps customers and company get the right data for sales performed by various executives and to calculate their pay accordingly. It also helps prevent common frauds in case of incentive programs.

Higher Confidence

Higher Confidence

A vast range of benefits can be accessed by blockchain integration, such as transparency, immutability, and faster transactions. Thus building confidence in people and increasing the retention rate, which ultimately multiplies the company revenue.

Smart Contract MLM Software Features



We provide a dashboard for users and administrators to manage their products, view sales history, payout reports, and many more details.
Inventory Management

Inventory Management

Manage your products' inventory by easily tracing the item using product code or name. All product details such as CP and SP, profits, and expiry date are readily available with a single click. Specialized low quantity alerts so you never run out of products.
Member Details

Member Details

The details of all members are available so that anyone can search members by their name, contact number, or email address. This transparency in blockchain-based MLM Software makes it trustworthy and helps develop confidence among users.


Automated emails are sent at the user registered email, reporting all events in your domain. Various emails such as Welcome Letter onboarding, Invoices on sales, and payouts are all automated to keep you updated in real-time.


Easy integration of crypto wallets and fiat wallets to facilitate payments and transactions. Multi-currency support, easy withdrawals, and alerts for transactions.
24*7 Support

24*7 Support

You can focus more on your MLM business without worrying about the software as our team of expert developers is there to assist you with any issue or problems with the software.

Smart Contract MLM Software Development Lifecycle

Requirement Gathering

Our team analyzes the client-specific details of the MLM software.


After gathering the client's idea, our team of developers brainstorm and create a blueprint of the software that suits their needs.

Designing & Development

Once the client approves the blueprint, our expert team of designers and developers create the preferred client software from scratch.


After development, the blockchain MLM Software so prepared goes through rigorous testing before delivering the client's software.


Once the software is developed and tested, it is implemented at the client site, and the necessary training of software operation is provided to the users.

Post-Deployment Support

Once the software is deployed, it doesn't mean our work ends. Instead, we are available 24*7 to resolve any issue you face

Why Choose Us for

Blockchain MLM Consulting

We always listen to your problems at any time, under any condition. Our MLM Software consultants can
speak in any language on which you are comfortable to interact.
Great IT Veterans Great IT Veterans

Great IT Veterans

We are born to bring new creation in the IT sector, as all our experts are highly innovative and talented in building any software development projects hassle-free.

SEO Experts SEO Experts

SEO Experts

All our software development projects are SEO friendly which means Google profoundly recognizes them in a quick span of time, and this will increase your revenue and profit of your company.

Extensive Security Extensive Security

Extensive Security

We have integrated blockchain technology into our MLM software development practices to make the clients reach the next level secuirty features into their multi level marketing business.

Maximum Success Rate Maximum Success Rate

Maximum Success Rate

All the projects delivered by us has the highest success rate, which means, till today they are running smoothing without a single complaint from the customer side.


Blockchain MLM Software Development Services

Now, these days’ multi-level marketing businesses are facing immense complexities while regulating the vendors in their network. Our blockchain MLM software solutions are here to assist global MLM business with the highly secure management software system.