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SARA Technologies specializes in developing the highly secure and reliable single and multi cryptocurrency wallets. The experts here can also assist you in creating your own crypto wallet.

Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Company

Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Services - Hire Crypto Wallet Developer

A cryptocurrency wallet enables the user to securely store crypto assets and conveniently process thousands of real-time transactions. The transactions are made highly secure using cryptographic encryption; wallets use private/public keys and store crypto tokens. We are experienced in developing crypto wallets supporting multiple currencies supporting many cryptocurrencies, including – Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and many more. This facilitates users to store and manage all their cryptocurrencies at a single dashboard.

We support alt-coins for those who are willing to develop their own cryptocurrency. We are a team of experienced crypto wallet developers that have deployed more than 200 wallets. We create user-centric wallets customized to their specific needs. Each aspect from wallet type, integration of cryptocurrency to the wallet's user interface is curated as per the client’s request. Our multi-factor authentication, combined with the inclusion of cryptographic security features added to the wallet, keeps your money safe and secured. The wide range of payment options provided in the wallet makes it easier for you to make transactions anywhere, anytime. We are well-reputed not only for delivering perfection but also to offer post-delivery support, providing you 24/7 assistance.

Types of Crypto Wallet, We Hold Expertise In

We create wallets as per our clients' requirements; either they choose to exchange their cryptocurrency via desktop, web, or mobile. We help users save their secured information on the device of their choice. Our wallet systems are highly secured with multi-layer authentication to prevent unauthorized access.

Desktop Wallet

Desktop Wallet

Installed on your desktop, or laptop desktop wallet operates on a computer system and allows the users to store their private key on their system.

Mobile Wallet

Mobile Wallet

Mobile wallets are tech-savvy and upgraded versions that use mobile features like the camera to scan a QR Code for transactions or NFC, which facilitate faster transfers.

Web Wallet

Web Wallet

For those who are always on the go Web wallet makes it easier to access their cryptocurrency from anywhere using the internet on a web browser, be it your mobile or a computer.

Hardware Wallet

Hardware Wallet

The most secure of all cryptocurrency wallets, hardware wallets store cryptocurrency details on a physical device. This device can be plugged into any computer to access your coins.

Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Process, We Follow

Requirement Gathering
After going through clients project specific requirements, our team brainstorm with the developers, strategists, and other team members to deliver the best possible solutions.
Project Blueprint
A specialized team creates a blueprint and ask the client for further suggestions. After getting the client approval we proceed further.
Designing and Development
After curating the final design, the team of developers write a customized code that is executed as per the designed prototype.
We undergo multi-phase rigorous testing and then transfers to the client’s in-house team to check it before its deployment.
After everything found fine, we deploy it with best possible standards to drive clients with maximum satisfaction. We also train client’s staff to use it and involve into their daily practice.
Post-Deployment Testing
This is the client-side testing, in which any type of bugs, if found will resolved without any overheads with full quality assurance.
Post Delivery Support
Our role is not just limited to delivering the final product, we are just a call away to support you 24/7.
Why Choose Us for

Cryptocurrency Wallet Development

Cryptocurrency wallet is just like a regular bank account, making it possible to exchange as well as store cryptocurrency securely for further exchanges.
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Swift Response

We believe in responding to maximum queries that may have arisen from our client perspective. Our professionals will incorporate with you and help you to achieve your business goals.

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Reliable & Secure

Our cryptocurrency developers are aware of all security threats and knows how to develop secure code for your cryptocurrency development which is reliable and transparent.

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Customized Solution

We develop cryptocurrency exchange platform in such a manner that it can be easily integrated and provide you bug-free virtual transactions to put stop on various fraudulent activities.

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Highly Accountable Team

We take responsibility for whatever we promise to our customer across the globe and live up to their expectations. We include them in the decision process so that they will be aware of everything.

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24*7 Support

Our team of expert developers is there to help you with any issue you face after development. We have a 24*7 online helpdesk to answer your queries faster.

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Supports Multiple Currencies

We have a wide range of cryptocurrencies implemented in our wallets. More than 100 Cryptocurrencies are supported. Your wallet has a choice of cryptocurrency to integrate.

Key Features of our Cryptocurrency Wallet


Multi-Currency support

Our wallets have support for almost all primary cryptocurrency available from bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, and many others can be integrated into our wallet.

Automated Conversion Rates Updates

With real-time updates provided on your selected cryptocurrency, thus helping you make the right decisions.

Multifactor Authentication

Multifactor Authentication

Ensuring each account's security, we enable multifactor authentications depending on your type of wallet. We are making it highly secured and safe from hackers.
Transaction History

Transaction History

With the details of all the past transactions stored in the wallet, it enables users to analyze the transactions made by them in the past.

Automatic Session Logout

Once the wallet is left open for a prolonged time, as decided by the user, the session logs out, and the user has to log into the account to prevent wallet misuse.

Wallet Backup

Each wallet created comes with the wallet backup feature, which would help you if your device gets corrupt or infected by viruses and against cyber theft.