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SARA Technologies is a one-stop destination for all those seeking a perfect partner to collaborate with them to ensure security by integrating the entire IT infrastructure with cyber solutions.

Cyber Security Services

Cybersecurity Service Provider - Cybersecurity as a Service Company

Cybersecurity is the follow of protective systems, networks, and programs from digital attacks. These attacks are typically aimed toward accessing, changing, or destroying sensitive information, extorting cash from users, or interrupting traditional business processes.

Implementing effective cybersecurity measures is especially difficult nowadays as a result of there are a lot of devices than individuals, and attackers have become a lot of innovative. A thriving cybersecurity service approach has multiple layers of protection unfold across the computers, networks, programs, or information that one intends to stay safe. In a corporation, the people, processes, and technology should all complement each other to form an efficient defense from cyber attacks.

Irrespective of the stage where you are on the journey towards success, the cybersecurity consultant here at SARA Technologies will ensure your workstations, servers, network, systems, and applications fully secured without even a single percent chance of threat penetration into your IT infrastructure. We are in the profession for over a decade and catering the clients across the globe with our out-of-the-box cybersecurity services with an unmatched level of quality and maximum satisfaction.

Cyber Security Services, We Offer

We are offering an exclusive range of cybersecurity services to clients around the world. No matter what type of industry you are running, if you need cybersecurity services, SARA is a one-stop destination.
Cyber Security Services Company

What Makes SARA a Perfect Cybersecurity Service Provider?

In today’s connected world, everybody edges from advanced cyber defense programs. At an individual level, a cybersecurity attack may end up in everything from fraud to extortion tries, to the loss of vital information like family photos. Everybody depends on crucial infrastructures like power plants, hospitals, and money service firms. Securing these and different organizations is essential to keeping our society functioning. Everyone additionally edges from the work of cyber threat researchers, just like the team of 250 threat researchers at Talos, UN agency investigates new and rising threats and cyber attack ways. They reveal new vulnerabilities, educate the general public on the importance of cybersecurity, and strengthen open supply tools. Their work makes the web safer for everybody.

Whatever be the circumstances, you need not worry about securing your sensitive data, records, and confidential information from being hacked or authoritatively accessed. We, as a leading cybersecurity service provider, are here to assist you in preserving your systems and entire business infrastructure from any type of cyber-attacks.

Types of Cyber-Attacks, We Can Help You Recover

With the advancement in the standards of technology, the risks of more and more security breaches and hacks are rising. You can hire us to deal with these issues; we will offer you the expertly proven and fully protected cybersecurity services.
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Ransomware may be a form of malicious computer code. It’s designed to extort cash by block access to files or the system till the ransom is paid. Paying the ransom doesn’t guarantee that the data are recovered or the system remodeled.

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Malware may be a sort of software package designed to achieve unauthorized access or to cause injury to a system or entire infrastructure. It can take a severe form if not resolve on-time. So, don’t overlook it, when detected, fix it as soon as possible.

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Password Attacks

It is known as a brute force attack in which hacker guesses the password combinations using some advanced tool to get into the network in an unauthorized way. Hackers take the help of automated systems like rainbow tables or dictionary attack list.

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Denial of Service (DoS)

DoS attacks are another one of the oldest and most famed cyber attacks in which the malicious actor gets into a system and makes it work slow and malfunctioning. These types of assaults obstruct even authorized users from accessing their data and records stored in the system. Flooding and Specially Crafted Data are the two most common DoS attacks.

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Social Engineering

Social engineering could be a maneuver that adversaries use to trick you into revealing sensitive info. They’ll solicit a financial payment or gain access to your confidential information. Social engineering is often combined with any of the threats listed higher than to form you a lot of possible to click on links, transfer malware, or trust a malicious supply.

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Phishing is the follow of dishonest causation emails that match emails from esteemed sources. The aim is to steal sensitive information like MasterCard numbers and login info. It’s the first standard form of a cyber attack. You’ll be able to facilitate shield yourself through education or a technology answer that filters malicious emails.

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SQL Injection

SQL (Structured Data Language) is the database management system. In this type of cyber attack, hackers inject the virus or malicious program into the SQL server, which makes it possible for the hackers to illegally access the private records and confidential data from the database server.

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Tampering & Spoofing

In data tampering, an unauthorized person attempts to manipulate, modify, or delete the records by penetrating the security layer. Spoofing is a type of malicious practice where the hacker (untrusted source) hides their real identity and pretends to be like something else (trusted source).

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Insider Attacks

These are the type of cyber attacks in which a trusted user of the network may be the owner, employees, or vendors intentionally or unintentionally gives access to an outsider to get into the network by clicking a malicious link. Avoid clicking on any of such links received from an unauthorized source.

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Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS)

DDoS attacks are the extended version of DoS attacks. In DDoS, instead of targeting a single system, hackers attack the entire network and make all the associated systems in a network function maliciously. Hackers always search for loopholes (it may be device weakness or network vulnerabilities) to penetrate someone else private network to steal or misuse their confidential data.

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Man in the Middle (MITM)

A man in the middle attack is one of the oldest types of attacks and getting more fame with rising technology standards. In MITM, a third party illegally accesses the confidential details and login credentials by interrupting the mode of communication between two nodes. In this, a third party penetrates the security layer by eavesdropping on radio lines, phone lines, and a vast range of modes used to communicate.

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Advanced Persistent Threat (APT)

APT attacks significantly differ from usual attacks. It's not like a hit-and-run attack, instead of simply getting into someone else's private network or system and stealing the required data, they remain there for a long time. They continue collecting confidential records over a long period until they collect the details and data to make a big fraud or use it for a more disruptive attack. These are not automated attacks, operated by humans.

Cyber Security Service Provider

Cybersecurity as a Service Company, You Can Partner Up With

With the emergence of storing technology, saving vast quantities of data comes to an end. With technological advancements, we come into contact with a brand new way of storing data. This type of storage does not need any hardware to carry from one place to another. Yes, the most we are talking about the most commonly used storage 'cloud.' Here you can save your data and access it anytime from anywhere across the world; all you need is an internet device.

Now every organization is using a cloud network in their technology, so they can have every service that any IT company used to provide them before. With the advent of this new tech, every leading company such as Amazon web services shows its dependency on it. These companies have huge data turnover every day through their websites and applications that required computing technology with vast amounts of storage resources.

While other companies have to depend on hyper-visors and other automation to have access to the high level of API configurations or hang on to mediator for developing a framework of the operating system, servers, and databases for their organization. While having advanced technology in hand, some companies have to depend on other mediators for providing the software and applications all differently at different costs.

Many companies are providing an affordable range of this entire framework as a whole network together technology. This made the entire network work more affordable, easier, and reliable while fulfilling all the demands that they always seek from any IT industry. Now they do not require investing their valuable asset or infrastructure to develop, create, and manage all these resources. From time to time, we get to see that many things can be offered as services. From supporting to creating content, disaster and loss management, storing and services, etc. also now we can see cybersecurity as a service.

Cyber Security as a Service

What is Cyber Security as a Service?

Cybersecurity as a service can be seen as an outsourcing service in which a company other than yours has the work of handling all your security. We can take a simple example of security as using antivirus for your working platform that works on the internet. While talking about today's regular based security solutions, it is not distributed locally. Your software department installs antivirus software, filters spam, or any other kind of security software on every device or scan over the network or server of your organization and updating it regularly to use it.
All these ways of doing work have become old fashioned and too expensive—every time you need to buy new hardware while regularly paying to renew its license. In spite, on the other hand, a cybersecurity services company allows you to access similar tools directly through a web browser for having a better and reliable experience.

Why Choose Us for Cybersecurity as a Service

Access to High Tech & Updated Security

While using any antivirus for maintaining security for your system, you need to always keep it up to date using the internet, which allows them to update their latest virus definition and detect new threats. On the other hand, while working with cybersecurity as a service provider, you will always be backed up with updated tools to remove the latest threats.
This means now the user has not to take tension of always updating their antivirus and additional software to the latest patch level to keep their network and device away from threats and spams

Taste the Features of Most Secure Network Setup

SARA Technologies provides you with IT experts available to offer you security suggestions and service at your one call. These expertise teams are most skilled and experienced than any other IT expert you can find in any company.

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Now you do not require being always present to provide access to tools instantly to its current users. You can give its access while being at a different place other than its demanding location. SECaaS service comes up with on-demand offerings that let you set up your security according to the need of an organization that is also quicker and reliable.

Focus More On Developing The Most Crucial Assets

While working with cybersecurity as a service company, you will be provided to work on a web interface while creating a managed dashboard so that your IT department does not find any difficulty integrating and managing security for your organization.

Makes Software Management More Simple

If you have successfully secured your data, it is not just sufficient to limit it. You should have access to all the data of all the accessing users and know why data was accessed.


Now you do not require buying extra hardware and regularly pay for software licenses to access it. On the other hand, use these valuable resources to work your business on multiple operating platforms that are also at a discounted price.

What to look into Cybersecurity Service Provider?

If you are looking to work along with a cybersecurity as a Service provider, we have prepared a list of some of the essential points you should look into while having their services.


Always look out for Cyber Security services company that sets you free from vendor lock-in problem. You will be able to work more flexibly and free from compatibility issues. You have to not always depend on a third party to change small settings or any security setting.
Low Cost of Ownership

Low Cost of Ownership

The TCO or total cost of ownership is a better option to be firstly identity in any company for choosing as cybersecurity service partner. Read out the contract assigning paper very carefully. Make sure the paper should be in elegant language, and all the cost, including additional cost, should be in your budget. Look out for any extra cost and its terms and condition for implementation. This will save you from further disputes and extra payment that can be way more than the advertised price.
Headache Free Management

Headache Free Management

The package that you choose should be providing you a timely report on security updates of your system. If there is any malware, spam, or any other relevant data generation related to your network, you should be updated with the detailed report. While having a Cybersecurity as a Service provider on your side, they are responsible for managing your data's security. However, it would help if you still asked them to provide you the visibility option.

You can have an analysis if there is leakage of any information from your company to a third party. Cybersecurity as a service is leaving its impression on being the most popular option of services between various enterprises. The growing demand for SECaaS is due to a shortage of security resources from qualified experts to provide you with suitable tools. Many companies' ideas to outsourced managing and implementing security systems through third are due to reduce the cost of investment.