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Human Augmentation Development

Human Augmentation is the technology extension added to enhance human capabilities in practice to produce more effective outcomes.

Human Augmentation Development

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Human Augmentation is related to enhance the capabilities of a human being. This is achieved by putting the human body on chemical consumption, intake, or implanting other organs by operation, from the ancient time this practice on humans to get maximum output from the body. All these processes can be prying; it can create harmful effects in return as the method may damage the body. In modern practice, augmented capabilities are achieved by artificial tools such as binoculars, microscopes or microphones, etc.
Later on, augmented reality and other interconnecting technologies have provided less harmful and more productive methods. Human Augmentation and other related technologies of augmentation are used to bring out a human being's capability. We can say that Human Augmentation is a field that works on enhancing human senses, actions, and intelligence through various technologies such as AI, sensing, and fusion methods.
Human Augmented technology is creating a new chapter of evolution to human being existence, and it becomes necessary to implement this technology to your organization. SARA Technologies has developed professional experts that are always surrounded by this technology to give exceptional solutions and create Human Augmented applications. You can always be in touch with our company whenever you require any service for your organization.

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When the project starts, we prepare a team of experts that will mainly work on your project. The work is always unique, satisfactory, and innovative for our customers. You will be happy to know that you will get all the required software and application solutions according to your project demands. You can always have timely meetings with our experts to have a discussion about the current status of the ongoing project.

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We are updated with the latest trends in technology. We know how to input integrated codes based on the newest tech on your project. Our developers are known to create something exceptional for you. They mix all their ideas and experience to our client's project so they don't left behind in the race of trend. We are working on human augmented technology from the very first day it was launched in the market.

Wearable Human Augmentation System and Technologies

Various researches have concluded on Human Augmentation in the past few years. However, it is not close to perfection. The reason may be its proper architect and models required are missing from it. Next, that comes out is wearable augmentation; augment all senses of human beings, movement, awareness state. This tool is so developed that it will enhance human's capabilities without interference from external mechanisms. The interaction phase takes place as close as possible to a particular human that brings us to a more reliable tracking and input system for augmentation.

Sensory Technology

This will detect nearby surroundings containing objects and other incidents. This technology will run on identifying various patterns, audio, and visual sensors, dimensional movement, and thermal sensors, aromatic and smell sensors, touch and fell sensors, etc.

Multi-Sensing Technology

This technology is based on memory, consciousness, and awareness. This technology will be based on inter-mixing various techniques such as Reality glasses, information presenter with wearable supplement. It stores data of multiple different human senses; visionary, auditory, feel and touch, which plays as a mediator for better understanding and preparing more reliable wearable human augmentation.

Activity Technology

It is based on the daily basis activity of human beings. The wearable is used to analyze the inputs that various sensors such as voice recognizer, eye movement sensor, and muscle pressure applied sensor. Based on all the information, models prepared are of real value.

Actuation Activity Measurement

This technology is based on how human activities create an effect on the environment. It analyzes various visual key points, auditory sensing, haptic sensors, and olfactory and gustatory sensors. In adverse conditions, the reading of sensors may not produce proper output due to excessive muscular force.

Artificial Intelligence

It is used to provide support for a network that links all devices with the internet. For the purpose, IoT and AI-enabled devices are taken into account. These devices will assist in providing Artificial Intelligence extension and develop support for multiple programs that are needed by users to be performed.

Human Augmentation Services & Its Types

We can divide Human Augmentation into three main categories, lets have a look at all these in a sequence.
Augmented Senses

Augmented Senses

We can also say it enhanced or extended senses, which can be attained by gathering all sensory information and providing it to humans for tests on a particular sense part, which has to enhance. This portion mainly design to work on all primary senses, such as haptic sense (touch feeling), visionary, hearing, tasting, and smelling.
Augmented Cognition

Augmented Cognition

It is based on examining the state of a human being in the learning or cognitive stage by various analysis tool technologies. These tools help in providing a better overview of the state of a particular human being. Also, the computer stores all its test review all its mental state and providing back with the necessary improvement that the user needs to make.
Augmented Action

Augmented Action

It works by scanning particular human beings' actions and analyzing them in different places, such as virtual reality, local environment, etc. Furthermore, it also works on sub action such as movement of parts of bodies, sensory motors movement, and speech.