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We ensure you to deliver out-of-the-box AR development services with an assurance to satisfy all your basic to advanced business needs.

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AR Development Company - Hire Augmented Reality App Developer

Sara Technologies Inc. is a US-based software and application development company that has established its presence in serving the global clients with unique and customized services most competent to their actual business needs.
Augmented Reality has become an indispensable part of almost all industries, and the need for AR applications and software solutions is rising with each passing day. To cope up with these rising needs, the experts here at SARA Technologies are always ready to avail you with an exclusive range of software and applications based on advanced AR technologies, including object recognition, AR camera integration with smartphone apps, and adding computer vision, etc.
Sara Technologies is a top-rated AR development company and it is a one-stop destination if you are looking for a trusted partner that can help you out in creating a customized AR solution to satisfy your specific needs. We are in the IT business since 2007; during this period, we have satisfied hundreds of global clients with our outstanding Augmented Reality applications and software solutions. No matter you own a small, medium, or large scale business, irrespective of its service domain, we are ensuring you deliver AR development services much beyond your expectations.
Augmented Reality is the technology of the future, and to be a wise planner; it is necessary to stay updated with it. The incorporation of AR technology solutions into organizational and daily life operations can boost up the natural surroundings or circumstances and offer perceptually enhanced experiences.

Use Cases of Augmented Reality


Design & Modeling

It needs creativity and a future vision to know how the finished project would look. Using Augmented Reality, designers can see the finished images of the project before completion and deliver changes on time, thus saving them huge costs.
Medical Training

Medical Training

Augmented reality helps users get trained in medical procedures without an actual patient. This practice does not need a real patient and will train medical professionals to deal with difficult situations.


Users often want to know how the things they purchase would fit in their space. For this, AG-based applications provide users a platform to recreate items such as furniture in their room or the color of their bike or car and estimate things that suit them best.


Augmented reality provides a great way of engaging customers by providing them a virtual introduction to the destination they will be visiting, an immersive experience of the hotels they would be staying in. It helps companies sell better.


Schools are places where kids learn, and learning can be more fun and more comfortable if kids can relate to the topic. Augmented Reality applications can help kids by providing a vibrant and alive learning environment where they interact and understand things better.

Stages Included in AR Game Development

Requirement Gathering
We listen to the client's requirements and understand the proposed concept. Our team also provides consultancy to create an application that would best suit the client's needs.
A blueprint is made of the application as approved by the client. The blueprint contains all specifications and details of the application—the blueprint details the various features and functionality proposed by us.
We create a working prototype of the application checked by the clients. If the clients approve the prototype, we go forward to the development process or make the appropriate changes to the prototype and consult the client.
Once the client accepts the prototype, our experienced developers create an application as per the prototype. All client requirements are kept in mind while starting an Augmented Reality Application.
Our experts test the application developed to find any bugs or errors in the application. If the application works perfectly, it would be sent to the client for deployment or fixed if any error or issue occurs.
This is one of the most crucial stages of the Augmented Reality Development process; once the application is developed, it is deployed at the client site. All the functionality of the application is checked and verified by our team of engineers.
Our team helps the clients and their employees better understand the application and provide all technical support on handling the application and making the best use.
We are committed to excellence in our service and believe in crafting long term relationships with our clients. Once the application is deployed, we are there to help our clients with any problem in the application's operation and provide 24*7 support to our clients.

AR Development Services

That We Offer
Augmented Reality is the future of technology, and we are the experts in creating AR applications and software solutions. You can rely on us for all types of AR technology applications and software solutions.
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AR Game Development

The introduction of Augmented Reality into gaming has revolutionized digital entertainment. For the last few years, we are serving global clients with superior 3D and 2D gaming experience. By partnering up with Sara Technologies, you will be able to create an enthralling AR game from scratch.

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Custom AR App Development

With our highly advanced AR applications, we have changed the way to look at this world. The AR mobile and web applications are gaining popularity with each passing day and helping in experiencing a coupled mixture of the real and digital worlds that make you feel like you are out of this planet.

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Marker Based AR App Development

Marker-based Augmented Reality Apps has various uses of object detection in front of the camera and shows necessary details on display. This could be a superior methodology that can be employed in marketing any product or service; by doing so, you will gain the loyalty and faith of the clients.

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Marker-Less AR App Development

The team of experts here at SARA will help you in creating Marker-Less AR applications to avail your business the benefit of location-wise tracing and following the clients. Our Augmented Reality applications will help your users to explore exciting surroundings within their current location.

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Projection Based AR App Development

Our highly proficient AR application developers have years of expertise in creating projection-based AR apps. These applications project a virtual image onto the surfaces of the real physical world. You can use our Augmented Reality applications to drive your business to new heights of success and achievement.

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Superimposition-Based AR App Development

Superimposition-based AR technology plays a crucial role in substituting the actual view with an augmented view. By integrating the AR technology into your business infrastructure, we will help you expand your business reach by smoothing your customer experience and connecting with more clients.

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