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IDO Launch Services

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IDO stands for Initial Dex offering, which implies decentralized exchanges rather than a centralized exchange. This is a fund-raising mechanism that has gained popularity in recent years due to its transparency for investors. Exactly in IDO, a new project's tokens are offered for sale directly to users on a DEX, usually at a lower price than they will be available at later stages.

Process of IDO Launching

Project preparation
This step includes concept creation that has various steps like preparing the whitepaper, setting up the project website, and building a community.
Smart contracts Development
This step is to facilitate the IDO. This smart contract simplifies the execution of the IDO process and is built on a blockchain framework like Ethereum.
Before participation, it starts essential steps over KYC/ AML to prevent fraud and unfair trade practices.
Token Distribution
After having deployment of smart contracts and KYC, it’s time for token distribution to the investors. This process is done in a fair and transparent manner.
List on Exchanges
The inflow of liquidity is the major part of any crypto project. This project has to list on a decentralized exchange to have live buying and selling of project tokens.
Marketing & promotion
A project needs to have a huge community, high volume, and investors’ trust. To have a successful IDO launch, our marketing strategies are helpful in creating hype in the market.
Maintaining and upgrading
After a successful launch, our team is always available for regular updates, bug fixing, and maintaining new releases.

Benefits of IDO Launching



IDOs take place on decentralized exchanges, which means that they are not subject to the same regulatory restrictions as traditional fundraising methods.


Anyone with the required amount of cryptocurrency can participate in an IDO, making it more accessible than other fundraising methods that may have strict eligibility criteria.


IDOs are transparent, as all transactions take place on a public blockchain. This increases the trust between investors and the project team.


Once the IDO is complete, the project's tokens are listed on a DEX, which means that they can be traded freely by investors. This provides liquidity for the tokens and increases their value.
Cost efficient

Cost efficient

IDO is a cost-effective fund-raising mechanism that doesn’t include intermediaries or enforcements and excludes any commissions or fees.


IDO prevents frauds in an exchange with the integration of smart contracts and KYC/AML processes.

Our Services

Our team can help you create a customized token. This project includes foundation setting and launching a whitepaper.
We develop secure and reliable smart contracts that ensure a seamless and transparent IDO launch.
Providing marketing services to promote your IDO launch, including social media campaigns, community building, and more.
Helping you provide liquidity for your token on DEX platforms to ensure a smooth and efficient trading experience.
We help you select the best DEX platform for your IDO launch, considering factors like community size, transaction fees, and more.
Ensuring that your IDO launch meets all legal and regulatory requirements without any hindrance.
Security audits to ensure that your IDO launch is secure and free from vulnerabilities and outer tracking.
We provide ongoing support post-launch of your IDO to ensure that your project continues to grow and succeeds.
Sara Technologies Inc

Why choose Sara Technologies Inc.

Sara Technologies Inc. has extensive experience in providing blockchain services to various enterprises, and our team of expert developers is skilled in building decentralized applications (dApps) for numerous industries. Our focus is on delivering highly scalable and technologically advanced solutions within the given timeframe.

When it comes to IDO launching services, we understand the complexities involved and the need for a seamless and secure process. Our team provides customized solutions for each project, including token creation, smart contract development, and marketing. We ensure that all technical and legal requirements are met, and the launch is successful.