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Smart contracts assist you in trading shares, property, money, or anything that holds value transparently without dispute while eliminating the middleman interference—thus saving time and money for business processes.

Smart Contracts promote automated transactions that are more active, cleaner, and secured. Moreover, Smart Contracts provide complete aid in legal and financial fields, in particular, by simplifying and automating routine processes for which people currently pay huge fees to lawyers and banks by removing middlemen such as retailers from a supply chain. The blockchain is perfect for storing smart contracts because of its immutability and decentralization. Smart contract data is encoded on a shared ledger, making information more secure, stored in the blocks.

SARA Technologies has delivered highly functional and feature rick Smart Contract development services and solutions to clients worldwide. Whether you want to make payment through cryptocurrencies or secure your transactions through smart contracts, we will create electronic contracts in the right direction according to the client’s business needs. We hold immense expertise in creating Smart Contracts over Ethereum and Tron for many industries like healthcare, transport & logistics, automobile, real estate, accounting & finance, etc.

Benefits of Smart Contract Development



To record all rules and regulations in a specific aspect is one of the primary requirements of smart contracts. It is required because defying results in transaction failure. Automated contracts follow a consensus mechanism to avoid the traps of manually operated forms.

Clear Communication

Clear Communication

The requirement for precision in describing the contract results in everything being managed explicitly. There can be no space for miscommunication. Thus, smart contracts can effectively cut down the efficiency lost while filling up the communication gaps.



The contract's rules and regulations are fully visible and open to access by all the network members. Once after the establishment of the contract, they are left with no way to dispute them. It facilitates a fully transparent ecosystem to all associated parties.



Smart contracts run on code programmed to operate live on the web. It facilitates quick transaction execution to save hours. Using smart contracts, we can process thousands of real-time transactions within seconds without processing documents manually.



The efficiency and productivity with which these contracts operate is a natural byproduct of these automated contracts' speed and accuracy. Higher competencies result in more number of value-generating transactions operated per second.


Automated Monitoring

Smart contracts can be a good option if your organization handles various transactions simultaneously to bring a new level of accuracy to your workflow. Make your business more productive and secure with our customized smart contract services.

paper free

Paper Free

Enterprises around the world are turning more vigilant about their influence on the ecosystem. Automated contracts support the 'go-green' movement as their operation run in the virtual world. It excludes the demand for vast paper reams.



Elimination of third-party interference is among the most advantageous factors that cut down the transaction cost and enhance speed multiple times. There’s no need for attorneys, banking authorities, witnesses, and other mediators.


Storage & Backup

Smart contracts keep a backup of necessary details in each transaction. They are permanently stored for future records and can use these details anytime in a contract. During any unexpected data loss, required data attributes can be retrieved easily.



These contracts use the enterprise-grade end-to-end data encryption security protocol, which follows the same standard as cryptocurrencies do. PoS & PoW protocol makes it highly secure over the web.


Immutable System

Smart Contracts are resistant to human error and provide faster business operations. We provide a trusted environment for users and offer an immutable system that is impossible to tamper with.



Smart contracts confidently execute their transactions with no space for wrong entries. The secure, autonomous, and transparent nature of the consensus protocol eliminates any chance of misconduct, error, or bias. Once processed, the contract is automatically executed by the system.

Functional Specification Of Cryptocurrency Exchange

Smart Contract Development Life Cycle

It is a procedure for creating and deploying smart contracts over the decentralized ledger.

Detailed Analysis

Get through the detailed study of smart contract use-cases and understanding the industry-specific requirements.


Draft a standard configuration of smart contract flowchart or intercommunications. Identify how functions will communicate with other nodes.


Start working on the development part using any integrated development environment or development tools with every function's precise documentation.

Manual Testing

Testing is the next phase; smart contracts are tested on a private blockchain or test-net to ensure proper functionality via following all the security protocols.

Record Transactions

At the time of testing on test-net, it records all the transactions and analyzes their results with Smart Contract use cases or business logics.

Unit testing

We use various frameworks for unit & integration testing, such as Truffle; we pick that most appropriately to streamline the testing phase bug-freely.

Third-Party Audit

This is one of the most crucial phases in which an experienced blockchain professional undergoes a third-party audit for Smart Contracts and ensures that it is working fine.

Bug Bounty Programs

These programs are also very useful in securing smart contracts. Communities such as 0x protocol offer 1 Lack Dollar in bounty programs.

Backend Functionality Of Cryptocurrency Exchange

How smart contracts work?

Smart contracts follow simple“if/when…then…”statements programmed into code on a decentralized ledger. Computer networks execute the actions (issuing stocks to the relevant parties; sending notifications; vehicle registration; ticket allotment) when predefined restraints have been met and approved. After each transaction completion, the blockchain is updated.

Let’s understand the functionality with an example of a Supply Chain Smart Contract.

Buyer Y wants to purchase an item from Sellar X and transferred the amount to the escrow account. Sellar X request Transporter Z to complete the delivery.

Now the role of "if/when…then" statements come into action.
  • If Buyer Y receives the product, Transporter Z and Sellar X get the amount held in escrow.
  • If the item is not delivered to Buyer Y by deadline A, the amount in escrow moves back to the Buyer's account.
  • As per the delivery and transaction success, the Manufacturer is notified to create more products to satisfy the demand and supply ratio.

All these operations are executed automatically through the Smart Contracts.

Within a blockchain contract, there can be various stipulations as required to let the members agree for transaction completion. To establish consensus, network members must identify how events and their details are described, consent to the laws that manage those transactions, look for all permissible exemptions, and determine a conflict resolution framework. It's generally an iterative process that includes both business shareholders and developers.