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We help eCommerce stores integrate blockchain technology solutions to promote automation, improve security standards, and transparency to the next level.

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eCommerce Blockchain Solutions | Development - Consulting Services

Decentralized solutions have revolutionized the traditional online shopping approaches and led to influencing more customers to go for online shopping by availing them superior transaction security and data privacy with improved transparency. In the last era, eCommerce has made unbelievable progress and enabled retailers to establish a great digital presence to explore the reach of their business.

  • Blockchain maintains transparency in records and follows a consensus mechanism to let new buyers shop with trust.
  • There are no risks of double-spending with an eliminated single point of failure.
  • Digital transactions are processed decentrally without the involvement of any central authority.
  • It is nearly impossible for hackers to unethical access private digital assets and ensures complete security.
  • It promotes the ability to transform critical insights into tamper-proof assets, empowering better control on data regulation.
  • Blockchain-enabled systems allow users to connect with suppliers directly and other consumers to review the product quality and standards.
  • Ecommerce businesses can reduce the cost implications by around 70 to 90 percent savings.

Exclusive Features of Blockchain eCommerce Solutions

Automates eCommerce Operations
Tamper-Proof Records
Improved Visibility & Traceability
No Single Point of Failure
Individual Control of Data
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Why Choose SARA For eCommerce Blockchain Development

The team of blockchain experts here at SARA have served many global clients and delivered perfection to suit their business-specific needs in a great passion.

Cybersecurity Professionals

While ensuring the privacy and confidentiality of customer data, we provide a fully secure eCommerce platform satisfying overall cybersecurity standards. We don't even leave a single point of failure leading to penetrating the security shield.

We Know What Our Clients Need

With years of expertise in creating and operating eCommerce solutions, we know various challenges that managers face. While integrating blockchain into eCommerce, we eliminate those complications and make things run smoothly with ease.

Perfection Delivered

Once after collaborating with SARA, you can stay assured of getting perfection in our services and products. Instead of keeping involved in managerial headaches, you can focus on expanding ways to expand your reach digitally.

On-Time Service under Budget

Blockchain solutions need one-time investment; after that, a majority of your ecommerce operations can be automated. We deliver superior quality eCommerce solutions on time without letting our client’s compromise with their budget.

Blockchain eCommerce Website Development Benefits

Customer Privacy

Customer Privacy

Blockchain 3.0 solutions focus on transforming the shopping practices of online buyers by availing them of a fully personalized and worthwhile experience; blockchain preserves their privacy and identity with complete transparency.

It keeps the shopper details such as names, IP addresses, or lists of purchased items. It keeps a complete record of online transactions in a decentralized ledger which keeps things transparent and visible to the associated network members for improved transparency.
Clear Supply Chain Communication

Clear Supply Chain Communication

Supply-chain management is one of the most crucial components while we talk about eCommerce store administration. It needs to be professionally managed to keep the multi-phase communication clear and transparent.

Blockchain enables eCommerce managers to keep a real-time track of products with complete details of staff and other resources involved. It can automate the product tracking with record-keeping during the entire supply chain right from the item's source, inventory, and payment processing.
Reducing Costs

Reducing Costs

Blockchain integration eliminates the intermediates, as the processes directly take place between two nodes, saving time and cutting down unnecessary costs. It frees up the administrative headaches by automating a majority of supply chain operations and processes.

The decentralized eCommerce store is highly secured with eliminated risks of product duplicity or fraud. Instead of EDI, payments can be processed using cryptocurrencies.
Easy Payment System

Easy Payment System

The transactions need to pass through 16 different phases in a regular payment processing system. While in blockchain, it occurs in a single network which can be transparently and easily managed without any risks of double-spending or any other payment failure issues.

With blockchain, eCommerce companies can process hundreds of concurrent transactions directly between two nodes without any involvement of middlemen.
Loyalty Reward Programs

Loyalty Reward Programs

Blockchain allows eCommerce firms to let their valued clients access the benefits of loyalty reward programs and personalized offers. Every purchase detail is kept safe in a decentralized ledger. Smart Contracts smartly offer and manage the issued rewards, discounts, and bonuses as the customers satisfy the respective terms and conditions of spending thresholds limits.
Smart Inventory Control

Smart Inventory Control

Managers can have more control over their inventory by integrating decentralized eCommerce solutions. Smart Contracts enables retailers to headache-freely manage their inventory with the least human involvement. You can stay assured that the online store never goes out of stock; it automatically lists the items as soon as the threshold reaches and makes sure that excess inventory is not stored.