Facial Detection Software

Face Detection Software

With the advancement in the technology, the chances of privacy hacks are rising, staying ahead of your competitors it is necessary to protect your business statistics and data with an extreme security feature

Facial Regognition Software

Face Detection Software – Hire Facial Recognition Software Developer

Face detection software is a computer program that is created to primarily works on face recognition technology and recognizes the actual sizes and locations of the human faces in digital images automatically. This technology has brought an unmatchable number of facial recognition and biometric features into a ready to use formula. Police surveillance cameras also use facial recognition software to identify citizens had arrest warrants. Face recognition software can work on wired as well as wireless IP cameras, webcams, television, etc. and this kind of software can be installed on your computers, laptops or smartphones.
SARA Technologies as a reputed face recognition system development company committed to delivering the best face detection software, facial identification software systems in the market along with its some impressive features like face and head tracking, eye tracking, face detection, face analysis and face recognition. We have catered more than 120 clients across the globe, ranging from small start-ups to well-established multinational companies. A unique combination of research and knowledge is combined with custom software system development services to help the clients in a best possible way. We have always dedicated our whole strength on producing the most effective, quality-enhanced and friendly software system to make clients reach to the maximum extent of satisfaction.
Extreme Features Of Our

Face Detection Software

The experts here at SARA are the masters in developing the face identification software system to provide an organization, agency with extreme security features.

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Face Recognition & Tracking

Three-dimensional face recognition is probably more accurate as compared to traditional face recognition or 2D face detection. We offer highly consistent facial recognition solutions to our clients.

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Smart Face Scanning

Quickly recognizes faces from watch lists in various live video streams. It is a biometric device that uses particular patterns to scan multiple human faces. The software program that we have developed delivers highly reliable scan results.

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Iris Detection

It is a computerized method of biometric identification that uses special recognition techniques on video images of single or both of the irises of a person’s eyes.

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Face Attributes

It enables you to perform analysis depending on face images; you can get various face attributes such as gender, age, smile intensity, emotion, etc. We deliver excellent matching performance.

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Tight Security

It permits you to not only track your employees but also add visitors to the system so that they can be trailed throughout the website. If an incident occurs, facial detection software can provide evidence.

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Easy Integration

Face detection software is easy to program into your computer system, and it will work with your existing software without any problem that you have already placed in your company.

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Smart Execution

We conduct high product testing and reliability testing before final execution and also maintain high-quality production to deliver high-quality work. We help customers to choose the best hardware.

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Highly Accurate Outputs

We deliver a high degree of accuracy to enhance security system by removing unauthorized and fake access. Excellent face recognition accuracy enables to scan human face in any conditions.