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Our contactless software and applications are fully compliant to satisfy customer-specific needs based on their industry. Our solutions aim to deliver the safest and most appropriate outputs without the need to come in contact with each other.

Contactless Software

AI-enabled Contactless Software Development | Consulting

The need for contactless technology and software solutions are in high demand during COVID Pandemics. The integration of blockchain technology and artificial intelligence has made the system fully secure and automated. We have a team of highly professional technology patrons with decades of experience in creating contactless systems. We will help you with fully-customizable and business-specific contactless software development. It will ensure reduced management headaches with higher accuracy and freedom to access the entire system status from a single dashboard. We serve you peer-to-peer contactless software development services while keeping the services' integrity and reliability.
Once you reach us, you will access a vast range of options while choosing the platform and technology to be integrated with the contactless system. Then after as per your preferences and suggestions, we will create a feature-rich and technologically advanced solution to satisfy your overall needs completely.

Contactless System Development Services That We Offer

Our developers and experts have outmatched many companies in terms of experience and created a milestone of delivering outstanding services across the world remotely. They set out regular meetings with various clients and the form of a network of development. They do not let the communication skills of clients become a barrier to project development.

While working with many clients, they have built up the quality of quickly grasping every situation and know what the client's needs are. They handle every client differently as they understand that every project requires different means and resources. There we build customized software applications based on the need and requirements of the project. These apps are designed to target your project requirements and budget.
PERSONALIZED CONSULTING We do in-depth research on your current system, analyze competitors' status, and target potential users. We shed light on current insight and market requirements, the latest tech trends, and estimate all possible related risks. We consider all budget and required resources according to your project's size, the market it needs to target and provide all possible measurements for problems that can be faced, and integrate all the projects with the required technology.

  • The framework of the project, technology needed to integrate, and all possible risk analysis.
  • Proposal development while considering all estimated budget for the extension of the project.
  • The document containing all the requirements of the software.
AUDIO AND VISUAL BLUEPRINTS The brand logo inspires the design and color of software, wide-angle particularity, low and high-fidelity screen lookouts are all done multiple times on different models to bring out the more specified software according to the client's needs. We show the audio and visual blueprints prototypes to the client before working further on the project's codes.

  • Outlining project documents.
  • Flow charts and system framework designing.
  • High or low fidelity UI designs according to project needs.
  • Fundraise through astonishing prototype display of project.
  • Designing and detailing all requirements of the project.
CUSTOM INTEGRATED CODES We develop codes of each of our customers differently. We customize them for equipping with high-class software to target large companies to small startups or firms. We deploy the most limber software build techniques to develop software flawlessly and roll out in multiple phases despite releasing all together.

  • Swift framework development.
  • Swift deployment.
  • Consolidating with the current system.
  • Application programming interface services.
24/7 LIVE SUPPORT We believe that solutions provided on any software may not always be up to mark. However, our maintenance team experts develop exceptional software that will always be in your support even at the time of downtime you will not face any disturbance or loss of data. Our developers will be in your assistance from starting the project and working with you throughout its development phase until deployment. With it, they will also work on the software's future needs while removing all the problems that our past clients faced through their regular feedback.

  • Frequent updates with more security features.
  • Regular modifications based on your technical or business needs.
  • Latest features and new updates with the refreshed User interface.
Contactless Application Developer

Hire Contactless Software Developer

For the past many years, we are providing our software development services all around the world seamlessly. We have developed a network of clients that are very happy to work with us also when they require any assistance contact us without any hesitation. Most of our clients are returning while following a pipeline of recommendations from our existing clients.
Our outperformance services made it possible to develop and deploy our every service to some remote clients without coming in actual contact or meeting them in person. By practicing contactless software development in most of our work, we have successfully reduced all hindrances and delays of meeting. We have also saved most resources and deployment time of the project by being in regular contact with our clients.

Why Contactless Software Based on AI?

Transparency and Solidarity

Transparency and Solidarity

We provide complete transparency and solidarity in every software development service to ensure that our client does not find any complexity while accessing and developing it. We offer you 2-way communication features to maintain transparency while being in the project's development and deployment phase. You can track, have access to the development team and see how they are working on your project through popular repository programs such as Jira and Trello.
More Quality in Less Time

More Quality in Less Time

The team of experts here at SARA Technologies believes that working with limited sources and providing more quality in less time can bring out something more exceptional. We train our developers every day with different software development projects to require lesser and lesser time while handling the project. This helps them in reducing in time while maintaining more and more quality checks in every project development.
Swift Communication

Swift Communication

We are always in contact with our client; also same goes for the client. They can contact us anytime to have updates on the project and analyze work to know that it is developed according to their expectations. We use most popular applications such as Zoom and Webinar as a medium to make contact with us flawlessly. Also, we provide them regular updates through the registered medium of communication about the project and ask them if they want to make any changes in their choice.
Ensure Privacy & Confidentiality

Ensure Privacy & Confidentiality

We understand that the privacy of each of our clients is essential. We build each of our projects while not disclosing its procedure and information to third-party clients. We work while being in direct contact with our clients and keeping all the work distributed to our developers to avoid third party involvement. We sign a non-disclosure agreement before starting every project to protect our consumer's confidential information and idea. The ownership of the client's idea, design, and plan remains intact without loss.