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Non-fungible tokens are cryptographic assets with unique metadata and identification codes. They can't be exchanged for other assets of the same value.

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Non-fungible tokens are non-exchangeable with other assets and can be used to represent the ownership of individual assets with unique properties and characteristics. NFTs, let us tokenize items such as real estate, collectibles, and even art. Blockchain-based Ethereum ensures their privacy and security. At a time, they can only be officially owned by a single owner. These records of ownership are immutable, i.e., impossible to be modified or deleted.

Traditional artworks like sketches, paintings are precious as they are unique and one of their type. But digitalization has made it easy to duplicate and copy its style easily and endlessly without the ownership benefits being transferred to the real owner. We can tokenize artworks using Non-fungible tokens to build a digital ownership certificate that we can easily sell and buy. Unlike fungible tokens, NFTs have different values and attributes when exchanged.

NFTs are blockchain-based online-tradeable assets that represent the ownership of any product (digital or physical). More generally, they create a mathematically unique ‘signifier’ of any item in digital space. They are distinct from the copyright ownership of an artwork, and are often sold separately from such rights.

Why Go for Non Fungible Token Development

High Flexibility

NFTs can be used to automate contractual or other arrangements concerning the products to which they relate (sometimes referred to as ‘smart’ contracting). This means that transactions can be programmed to ensure flexibility.

Goofproof Security

NFTs provide impenetrable security assurance with their unexchangeable disposition. One of the main NFT risks threatening investors and projects is scams. Malicious actors impersonate popular platforms, exchanges, or wallets to steal users’ private data required to get access to their virtual assets and thereby affect NFT security.

Protocol-Based Structure

NFTs, like crypto currencies, are generally stored on a distributed digital ledger called a ‘blockchain’. A consequence of this is that all transactions are recorded. This ensures that it is possible to verify the authenticity of the NFT and monitor transactions in a decentralised manner. Oxer-cat’s NFT is on the Ethereum Blockchain.


The benefits of non-fungible tokens rely largely on the uniqueness of the tokens. NFTs are created on the blockchain, thereby implying the association of unique records with them. The unique traits of NFTs showcase their potential for contributing value. At the same time, NFT creators have the privilege of issuing only a specific number of NFTs to introduce scarcity of supply.


Maintaining records of authenticity and chain-of-ownership for priceless artwork appears to be difficult at times. Because NFTs exist on the blockchain, there are clear ownership records for all of them, which means your digital artwork should never be stolen or its legitimacy questioned. The technology has ultimately grown into a better means to manage and handle important data and records, not only as a tool to manage digital treasures.

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NFTs have notable advantages such as being non-transferable, authentic and having preservation for ownership rights. Being transferable implies that unlike the exchanged-traded fungible tokens, non-fungible tokens are purchased and sold on specific marketplaces.

In this case, their value is dictated by their uniqueness. NFTs are powered by Blockchain technology, hence, you are confident that an NFT is always genuine, and is almost impossible to build counterfeits meaning that NFT is authentic. Lastly, NFTs are renowned to preserve ownership rights. Their application of decentralized platforms where the owner cannot modify/alter/compromise the data once it has been committed.

Non-fungible tokens are unquestionably one of the most important developments in internet commerce. Furthermore, their benefits have become attractive selling factors for a variety of consumers. While the benefits of non-fungible tokens obviously point to a bright future for them, it's vital to be aware of their limits.
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NFT Development Services - Unique Characteristics

Indivisible: Although NFTs aren’t set in stone, these items cannot be divided into smaller units. You are only allowed to buy the whole amount of, let’s say a piece of digital art, or not buy the art at all.

Rareness: Their value is much attributed to their scarcity. Although the developers of NFTs can develop any amount of these tokens, they usually limit them to boost rarity.

Uniqueness: It is the most valuable feature of NFTs so far. NFTs come with a permanent information tab marking their uniqueness. This can be thought of as their certificate of authenticity

Authenticity: The most important trait of non fungible tokens, which has gained profound attention in recent times, refers to authenticity. Non fungible tokens provide representation for real-world assets, and it is important to have authentic NFTs.

Transparency: NFT immutability and scarcity are guaranteed by the cryptographic magic of the blockchain. As blockchains are open-source pieces of software everyone can verify that these digital promises are being kept. This transparency is indispensable in making sure that a non-fungible token is actually unique and isn’t being duplicated.

Transferability: In-game goods are available in many games, and players may purchase them to enhance their gaming experience. The in-game objects, on the other hand, are limited to the game's setting, and players cannot use them elsewhere.

Scarcity: The final and most crucial mention among attributes of non fungible tokens would refer to scarcity or rarity of NFTs. Rarity is actually one of the basic tenets driving the value of NFTs. Therefore, NFT creators could develop many NFTs, albeit with a certain limit to ensure scarcity.

Procedural Working of Non Fungible Tokens

Procedural Working of Non Fungible Tokens

  • To get into an NFT platform, users have to sign up with their unique and genuine details.
  • Then select the desired wallet to store your non-fungible tokens digitally.
  • This process will create an NFT, where you will need to upload your unique digital assets / items.
  • The digital assets will now be listed for trade. You can either select a bid for auctioning or trade it at a fixed cost as per your preferences.
  • Item / asset moderation comes into the action.
  • When new non-fungible tokens are approved, they get listed for sales.
  • You can now begin accepting bids if you have any digital work.
  • They are notified about the top bids as soon as the auction ends.
  • The non-fungible token marketplace manages the digital asset and fund transfers.