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Ethereum acted as a spark of Blockchain Development when it is first introduced in the industry. Ethereum was just the beginning; now it’s time to enter EOS Blockchain. SARA Technologies as an EOS Blockchain development company can build and deploy scalable applications that can successfully process multiple transactions in seconds. EOS Blockchain Development is aiming to become the first decentralized operating system which is capable enough to support industrial-scale decentralized applications. Hence, we can say that it introduces a new Blockchain architecture for scaling of D-apps. The EOS Blockchain software offers a secure environment in accounts, asynchronous communication, authentication, etc. under one roof. Moreover, it is scalable enough for millions of users who are looking for D-apps to use it.
To build EOS D-apps, we focus on setting up a proper environment because Testnet is the platform on which you will develop your EOS D-Apps as it gives a choice between building apps on a local Testnet or a public Testnet. We help to promote the EOS Blockchain development community through our development team at SARA Technologies that decided to run many tutorials especially made for EOS Development. We will guide you to set up your EOS Development environment in order to run your first Testnet node. On your behalf, we will create your account and will apply a sample of smart contracts to the EOS Blockchain.

Benefits of EOS dApp Development

Highly Secured

Highly Secured

EOS derived from the main Ethereum chain was crated after a glitch in 2016 in the Ethereum Blockchain. It was created as a safer version of the Ethereum blockchain, which can handle vulnerabilities easily. In EOS, in case of a hack or any fault, the users can freeze the decentralized app so resisting any change in the system until the chain is de freeze. The implementation of consensus algorithms and cryptographic keys also adds to the security of EOS Dapps.
Easy Updatation

Easy Updatation

Applications created on EOS blockchain technology can be upgraded to fix bugs, code errors, change a section, or add some feature to the application. All this is possible by the authorized users who can implement code in the dapp. This helps the developers to add a code rather than creating a new application for every update.


EOS can perform much more transactions per second compared to the first blockchain – Bitcoin. This feature of EOS makes it a choice of developers who require a higher rate of transactions per second. The high transaction rate and faster blockchain solution make EOS blockchain a good decentralized application development platform.


With the integration of a Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus algorithm, a low-energy consuming blockchain requires less power to execute transactions. Unlike bitcoin, which required high amounts of energy for its larger transactions, each blockchain node took part for the transaction to complete. In EOS, only those nodes take part which is interacting.
No transaction fees

No transaction fees

The EOS blockchain environment is free of cost and does not charge any transactions or data exchange fees. This free of cost implementation of blockchain on a network is acceptable by most users for nominal development charges. It has increases the popularity of EOS decentralized applications. And there are more than 600+ EOS Dapps available in the market.
EOS Working - Proof of Stake (PoS) Consensus Mechanism

EOS Working - Proof of Stake (PoS) Consensus Mechanism

Here the blocks are mined, and instead of approval from all the nodes, only one block is selected on the number of votes that have the power to create the block. EOS Blockchain works on the principle of DPoS, which stands for delegated proof-of-stake, which decreases the number of nodes taking part in the transaction and increases the system's energy efficiency. The DPoS system on EOS gives 21 nodes from the blockchain, chosen by the token holders of the chain.

Industrial Use Cases of EOS Dapps

Asset Treading

EOS provides a transparent and robust trading platform based on the PoS algorithm.

Real Estate

Faster verification of documents and speedy payments with transparent operations.


Support for high volume data transfer with low energy usage and following privacy protocols of users.


With the use of EOS Smart contracts, it simplifies complex accounting tasks for easy operations.

Supply Chain

Processing all product information from the source to the end-user, building trust among the users.

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EOS Blockchain Development

We have a special team of blockchain developers to make the clients reach the extent of satisfaction and service assurance for which they are looking.
Brainy Blockchain Programmers Brainy Blockchain Programmers

Brainy Blockchain Programmers

With a team of brainy developers, we are one of the leading EOS Blockchain Development service providers offering our customized services in all nodes serving with maximum customer satisfaction and professional attention.

Vast Experience Vast Experience

Vast Experience

We have enormous experience in this field by delivering more than 80% of blockchain software development projects in both domestic and international operations. We aim to provide robust industrial-scale decentralized applications.

Committed to Deliver Proficiency Committed to Deliver Proficiency

Committed to Deliver Proficiency

As a Blockchain Development Company, we are determined and strict about the project completion timeline. We complete all our projects timely as promised to the customers across the globe. We know, how time matters to our customer.

Higher Success Rate Assurance Higher Success Rate Assurance

Higher Success Rate Assurance

All the Blockchain projects delivered by us have the great success rate, which means, until today they are running without a single issue and any complaint from the customer side. This empowers us to build more websites on this platform.