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Our innovation has helped hundreds of clients in creating customized blockchain solutions to enhance the security of their business operations.

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The blockchain is a distributed, decentralized, and public digital ledger that has revolutionized the digital world with its extensive capabilities to perform thousands of highly secured transactions every second. Blockchain was brought into the existence in 2008 by Satoshi Nakamoto for the first virtual currency, i.e., Bitcoin to put a full stop over the double-spending problem while proceeding transactions without the need of any central server or trusted authority.
Sara Technologies Inc., is a Blockchain development company specialized in creating highly secured and decentralized solutions for various industry verticals. We have helped various industries in allowing them to implement blockchain technology into their daily business operations. The unmatched feature of blockchains technology is its immutability; once if any transaction or process is executed, its footprints can neither be altered nor be deleted. That means it keeps the original records of the transactions that have been registered over blockchain and hence protects the records from being tempered or hacked.

Blockchain Development Benefits

It could be a golden opportunity for those who are looking a perfect development partner to take their blockchain based system development idea to be a perfectly working and existing business solutions.

How Blockchain Works

The blockchain is the word formed with two different words, i.e., Block and Chain. We can say that it is a chain of various blocks that are attached to one and the other. Each block contains “their data,” “hash” and the “hash of the previous block.”


Data inside the block depend on the type of blockchain. Each block stores the entire data of the operation that is being executed.


Each block has a hash with its unique hash value. Once a block is created, its hash is automatically calculated, and if anyone tempts to change the hash, it results in changing the block.

Hash of the Previous Block

Each block is linked with the hash of the previous block. This creates a chain of blocks and any changes with the hash of any blocks results in making other blocks invalid.

Reduce data storage cost
Eliminates duplication of data
Reduce time
Enhance data security

Implementing hash is not sufficient to protect against tampering, the technology is so advanced that it can calculate thousands of hashes every second. You can temper with the block and can recalculate the hash of other blocks so that the blockchain can turn out to be valid again. To prevent this, blockchain uses Proof of Work. PoW is the mechanism that lowers the processing of new block creation. It needs some time to add a new block to the chain after the required proof of work calculation. This makes nearly impossible to cheat with a block if anyone tries to do so, then to validate the block, has to recalculate PoW for all the following blocks. The creative use of proof-of-work mechanism and hashing has made it so secure that now these days, all size business are turning their business operations to be operated over blockchain-based software, applications, and other IT solutions.

The business leaders who are planning to introduce blockchain management solutions into their business operations, for them Sara Technologies is an unmatched choice that will help them from the initial planning to the final launching into their business operations. Using our blockchain development services and solutions, your business can reach the peak of business success and achieve extraordinary results.

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Our Blockchain Development Services

Cryptocurrency Development

We have helped a broad range of clients around the world in availing them with their own coin, i.e. Altcoin, exchange platform, mining software, wallet, etc.

Smart Contract Development

These are blockchain based virtual contracts that are used to automate the tracking of agreement and promotes every step towards its execution.

EOS Blockchain Development

Using EOS blockchain smart contracts millions of real-time transaction can be processed every second and will eliminate the transaction fee.

Public & Private Blockchain

We are capable of creating extensively smart and secured public as well as private blockchain solutions to satisfy their diverse industry verticals.

Hyperledger Blockchain

It is introduced to assist the collaborative development of blockchain-based distributed ledgers. It offers a robust base for privacy, identity, and processing.

Decentralized Application

We will help you create decentralized blockchain apps to meet the industry-specific needs after smartly analyzing your current as well as future stands.

Solana Blockchain

Our development services for Solana blockchain operate with smooth integration and are innovatively implemented in your business. The full-fledged customized network services are provided by our experts within a minimum timeline.

Hedera Hashgraph

We are offering a reliable, secure and fast transaction medium without the need for intermediaries, at the same time, not require PoW to achieve consensus.

Ethereum Blockchain

SARA could be a one-stop destination, if you are looking for Ethereum dApps that runs smoothly without any downtime and reduced chances of fraud.

Blockchain Development Process We Follow

Requirement Gathering
You need to decide first if investing in Blockchain will make a sense to your business. We do a cost-benefit analysis, audit your internal capabilities and suggest perfect Blockchain solutions as per your business need.
Suitable Blockchain Platform
Blockchain is used to build a decentralized application as per your business needs. We offer various blockchain platforms like Ethereum, Hyperledger, etc. on the basis of your organization functionality and mechanism.
The next step when developing your blockchain idea typically involves prototype between excitement and plan. Building this kind of prototype can take weeks. Test your business case assumptions and build knowledge on practical concerns
App Development
The mobile industry has witnessed a rise in the last decade from simple calls to executing tons of daily work. So, the demand for developers to develop a Blockchain app on Android and iOS has also risen significantly.
Quality Assurance
We assure you quality services in Blockchain development as per your unique business needs. Our qualified blockchain developers build compatible software that fulfills your business needs perfectly and securely as we are familiar with all the blockchain platforms
Putting an application into an attentive application server is known as deployment. Before an app goes live, it should be installed on the various network to test its functionalities. We assure you a bug-free or highly functionality blockchain app.
Support & Maintenance
We are always there for our clients to provide complete maintenance and support services without any timelines across the globe. Contact our customer care team (24×7) that will be answerable to all your queries.

Why Choose Us For Private Blockchain Development

SARA stands at the top in terms of delivering the best blockchain development services worldwide.
Flexible Contracts

Flexible Contracts

We value your time and money. As per your convenience offer flexible meeting timelines, budget, and other delivery expectations. Our team of experts first listen to your requirements and offer blockchain solutions.
Rapid Response

Rapid Response

Our team of developers is always ready in responding to queries that may arise from our customer-end as per your business needs. We promise you to guide you suitable private blockchain development solution in quick times.
Security Solutions

Security Solutions

We take care of security the utmost, to accomplishing every stage of an ecosystem that perfectly matches with your expectations. Our secure solutions will definitely have superior goals for the enhancement of your company.
Certified Experts

Certified Experts

All the experts in our team are authentic and licensed with no fake commitments to our customers. They can efficiently work as per the client need and also assist them in integration of robust private blockchain development process to meet your goals.
Hire Private Blockchain Developer

Hire Private Blockchain Developer

Every business needs masters to make their business more productive, flawless, and secure. As a trusted private blockchain development company, SARA Technologies is well equipped with state-of-art infrastructure to face any challenges in this field. Till date, we have completed more than 4,000 blockchain projects, and this milestone is achieved due to the core dedication of our brainy blockchain developers without any rapacity serving our customers round the clock, enhancing their business reach. We believe in building a transparent relationship with customers.
A blockchain developer usually executes Blockchain programming to solve various development related issues. Moreover, the Blockchain solutions enable peer-to-peer transactions which could be beneficial where two or more parties require a joint record. The database stored in the Blockchain network is taken care of by a large group of participants, not a single person. This means your data is stored robustly at multiple locations through encrypted keys, reducing the overall expense on data storage.

Blockchain Development Algorithms That We Use

The entire processing and execution of blockchain operated operations are managed and organized by
a vast range of algorithms and pre-defined set of rules.
Blockchain is a decentralized network that doesn’t need any central authority to look after the transactions. Blockchain is a highly secure ledger that ensures transparency, privacy, and immutability. Even in the absence of any central authority, consensus protocol makes it possible for the blockchain to ensure confidentiality, security, and identity.

The consensus algorithm is a systematic process that drives all the network peers to a mutual agreement concerning the denaturalized leger’s actual state. Once after all the network members verify the source of transaction;1 and its validity, the transaction reaches success. This process establishes trust and helps in achieving reliability among the network of unknown peers.

Consensus protocol aims to achieve some of its core objectives, including establishing joint agreement, co-operation, mutual trust, equal rights, and, most importantly, the compulsory participation of all the pears and nodes. The ultimate goal of all this process is to reach a joint agreement upon which all the network members agree.

Let’s have a look at some of the most known consensus algorithms.
  • Proof of Work (PoW)
  • Proof of Stake (PoS)
  • Proof of Important (PoI)
  • Proof of Burn (PoB):
  • Proof of Elapsed Time (PoET)
  • Delegated Proof of State (DPoS)
Mining is one of the most crucial phases, and the entire process is regulated by the mining algorithm, which is divided into 3 components, Clustering, Sequence Analysis, and Association Rules.

Clustering:This a systematic process in which the data sets are analyzed and generate the set of grouping rules that helps in future data classification.

Association Rule:To signify a specific associative interconnection among a set of database objects.

Sequence Analysis:This is the process of pattern analysis that takes place in a sequence.

As soon as a transaction process, a notification goes to all the associated network members. With each new transaction, there is an attached mathematical problem. For transaction success, the attached puzzle needs to be solved. A mining algorithm is used to solve this complex puzzle and take the transaction to succeed. Out of the whole network, the node that solves this attached puzzle first gets the opportunity to mine the next block.
In a supply chain, to enhance the performance of internal processes and the plan of each node’s activity, the traceability chain algorithm verifies the practices behind the transaction and its origin while assembling additional data. Since the data carried by a transaction is high dimensional and streaming from decentralized computing networks, so the blockchain technology works on the concepts of big data analytics. The purpose behind the implementation of this algorithm is to access fast traceability decisions.

As of now, the organizations are unable to continuously trace their data because they have data in the form of silos. Blockchain has made it possible to keep an eye-of-owl on each transaction throughout its journey.

The traceability algorithm of blockchain strengthens the supply chain coordination and provided detailed information about the real-time state and position of each transaction that is taking place. This helps in planning and organizing further data sets. It helps in keeping strict control over the entire lifecycle of a transaction.

There are three significant sub-processes in traceability algorithm, let’s have a look at all these.
  • Product Labeling:It favors the easier identification and recognition of data types.
  • Capturing & Recording Data:For optimizing the data retrieval, it is enabled with scanning potentials and data flow.
  • Communication & Linkages:For optimizing the sharing of data between supply chain protocols and partners.
The BFT signifies the reliability of decentralized computing systems where components fail to deliver correct data. Byzantine Fault Tolerance is the process in which two nodes safely communicate within a shared network where they both have to provide the save value. Reaching BFT is one of the most challenging tasks for Blockchain technology.

BFT is also known by its other names, such as error avalanche, Byzantine agreement problem, source congruency, and Byzantine generals’ problem.

Byzantine Fault Tolerance ensures that the data transmitted by the nodes are authentic, genuine, and error-free. Without BFT, it is impossible to make sure the correctness of data results in losing the reliability of the blockchain network. BFT implementation guarantees that the entire system is protected using Federated Byzantine Agreement and Practical BFT

What Makes Us a Perfect Blockchain Development Company

Free Consulting

Yes, we are talking about free consulting; we believe that client should get a free consultation to have better insights into what he is going to get for his business. We want to make a vast network of clients across the globe, so we think that doubts about our entire consumer should be cleared. We bring out the most exceptional, contextual blockchain development to implement into their businesses.

Viable System Framework

We prepare the most feasible blueprints for your business operation by identifying all possible asset and challenges that most business faces. We combine all our technology that will work suitably with your business and plan out a framework to progress systematically. This will lead your business to a new direction and growth.

Proof of Concept

Our developers mainly work on bringing most out of the least resources. They prepare multiple models to run a test of your new project on them, which helps minimize most of the mistakes. SARA Technologies is a US-based blockchain services company with a team of experienced developers to bring into play the concept's proofs while working on a broad network of blockchain platforms.

Customized Code Generation

Our experts will develop a budgeted, feasible project to show you how this will grandly impact your business and initiate you in the direction of development. We develop robust model products by forging our expertise into a vast network of blockchain array. We also deploy multiple secured applications based on blockchain for various industries such as manufacturing, logistics, healthcare, etc.

Integration and Deployment

Our blockchain developers are very-well known to make our client's work smooth and productive. We know how to generate and install unique codes for the respected customer's applications and software and help clients integrate their existing business with the blockchain framework. We aim at delivering highly trusted solutions with superior transparency.

Blockchain Services Provider

Blockchain - The New Internet

When we think of the last technology that boom the world was the internet, it brings out exceptional human life changes. Years after years, this technology comes out with dynamic adjustments. One of the innovations that come out through it is Blockchain. This technology is known to bring the great potential out of various businesses all over the world. Many enterprises have successfully implemented Blockchain into their network, some of which we can list as banking, healthcare sector, real estate, logistics, and many IT companies.
These enterprises have now started commencing this innovative technology with other robust technologies such as the internet of things (IoT) and AI to bring out a new way of growth and revenue generation. We put all our knowledge and working experience of the technology to create complex, large scale constructive solutions to deliver a project according to industrial requirements. We work with a vast number of leading industrial companies and believe in combining multiple technologies while working with them.

Integrating Blockchain Technology in Various Industries

SARA Technologies runs various programs in multiple industries to have better insights into that particular industry. We implement our Blockchain Development platform to consistently stay in touch with our clients and assist them on various occasions. We have prepared a list of sectors where we have successful running our program:

Government and Administration

Government and Administration

While starting any startups or working in any organization, it is mandatory to have permission and allowance for doing business. The central role played is by Government officials and administration of a particular industry. Even vice versa, when the government or administration is giving out permits, they require some exclusive contracts. SARA Technologies assists them by generating smart contracts based on the Blockchain platform to integrate their business with the same technology.

Lending Process

Lending Process

Every organization requires some lending, so as their business goes on running. But due to some middlemen and delays, this lending will be gone into waste as there would not be any profit in it. Implement Blockchain development services to your peer to peer system of lending. This will help you to setup up a framework on how to reduce intermediaries and have directly in contact with the dealer while maintaining transparency in all work.

Recognition Management

Recognition Management

Blockchain technology helps multiple businesses and let them create Recognition and identity management application based on Blockchain platform. This assists them in enabling control over the information on personal identity, and introducing Blockchain identity software organizations can create a sovereign identity for their employees.

Medical & Healthcare

Medical & Healthcare

Healthcare centers required to collect vast data of their patients, which includes all details such as past medical history and current health status. Writing and handling all these data on paper can be very problematic. We help them by producing a data disclosure management system to enable them to arrange all records of every patient properly.

Supply Chain & Logistics

Supply Chain & Logistics

SARA Technologies deploys the framework of a blockchain platform for participating all the network members to maintain the trust and delay-free supply at an extreme rate. You will be able to analyze all the working systems and remove extra unwanted parts from them. This will ultimately improve your growth and making a maintained system.

Mass and Media

Mass and Media

If you are having trouble implementing and understanding better insights into the Node framework, our developers are always there for you. They know how to implement and start a node on your TRON network. We are known to provide the best node framework setup technology in multiple startups and organizations.

Leveraging Blockchain-based Services into Your Business

Companies having vast data management can significantly improve their growth rate by integrating Blockchain into their current business. Following are the list of what we can offer you over other service providers.

Quality with Speed

Quality with Speed

The Transaction speed on the Blockchain network is very smooth and high. You now have the option of directly transact between parties, which will reduce the cost and transaction failure issue. The quality is maintained with the speed while removing all intermediates to save all valuable resources and utilize them further to develop businesses.

Secured Network

Secured Network

We believe that client’s security and privacy should be kept at priority than any other thing. All your transaction details will be kept secure and in front of you. No other party or hackers will access it as they have to take multiple permissions to access this information. We will be notified and immediately notify you if found any attempt at it.

Authenticity and Loyalty

Authenticity and Loyalty

Our developers develop a transparent network of the Blockchain process. You will be not facing any problem and no complex while working and making transactions on this network. Our applications will help you to build trust with your associate companies and have a smoother experience of trading with each other. Now various enterprises are proving authenticity and loyalty towards their clients.

Friendly Budget

Friendly Budget

Blockchain network will help you remove all middlemen parties charging a vast amount in place of their services. All your transactions will be done at absolutely no cost; this enables you to manage your system's budget and use that money in the further development of the company. Now simplify your process of business and reduce the cost of all transaction-related disputes.