The Role of AI in Human Life

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The Integration of Artificial Intelligence with Human Life

‘Artificial Intelligence’ is the branch of computer science that emphasizes the development of intelligent machines, thinking, and working like humans by developing the in-built cognitive approach, just like the intelligence of the human brain. Today the topic of ‘Artificial Intelligence’ has become a popular subject of discussion, whether it is a technological platform or any business circle having departments integrated with technology and its dimensions. Many Artificial Intelligence consulting professionals argue that AI is the future of technological revolutionization, but if we pay attention to our surroundings and intensely look around- it has concurred a space in our minds subconsciously.



Either you talk about Siri or Cortana, all are digital assistants based on various platforms. Mobile – Smartphone technology, video games, cars, and many devices we use in our home use artificial intelligence. AI is the part of today’s digital age in every arena and has assisted human life to such an extent that for us, it has now become an inevitable part of our society where we either deliberately or in-deliberately use this technology. Al is everywhere, and it is making a difference in our everyday life in many ways. It is more like that we didn’t realize that when this technology has become an integrated part of our lives.

With the transformations in technology, humans have successfully developed machine intelligence, i.e., computer systems, and by harnessing the power of human brains with this technological advancement, the stress and workload have reduced by transferring the burdensome task on these developed machines. For example – the automation of workflow; by using AI in the industrial domain for reducing the encumbrance of human labor; by integrating AI with banking industry the potential risk of fraud is reduced; it has made the data analyses easy thus the government entities and giant companies are being safeguarded from missing out any shred of vital information and therefore the risk of human error is also reduced to a great extent. The technological advancement has thus lent a hand of assistance that not reduces human labor but also helps to accomplish the work with accuracy and efficiency at a low cost.

The technology advancement has made machines to think and act like humans by designing its programs. AI is poised to reinvent many areas of life, and one good example is the health care domain. The implementation of AI technology in the medical field has made it bliss to human life, like the use of technology to bionic limbs.

The technology has helped the industries and its big players to move toward insight-driven world from being in a data-driven world; thus, the approach helps them to make timely and realistic decisions along with focusing on their clients’ satisfaction. The government entities and industries believe that the integration of AI into their systems has helped them in improving their effectiveness and productivity. Not only industries but the life of layman in every aspect has got influenced positively. Thus it can be concluded that the boom of AI technology is a shred of evidence that it is a need of the present scenario, and this collaboration of human and artificial intelligence will continue to endow constructive changes for the human race.

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