Experiencing Next Generation Gaming with the Web3

Experiencing next generation gaming with the web3


The Integration of Artificial Intelligence with Human Life

Web3 is a combination of the latest technologies; artificial intelligence, machine learning, virtual reality, and augmented reality. The term was first introduced by the New York Times reporter John Markoff in 2006, and by then, the technology has become widely popular in multiple sectors. Although Web3 has no physical existence, it aims to create a virtual world.

Traditionally, gaming requires in-game content or digital assets to be purchased with fiat currency or are claimed as rewards. All the copyrights related to the in-game content are reserved with the game operators. The gamers have no access to this in-house content in traditional games. The ownership rights with the gamers are merely the licenses to engage with the aspects of the game.

Such games have a centralized gaming server to store all crucial information. This crucial data is in the control of the game administrators. Traditional game developers lack the resources or knowledge necessary to manage or allow a trade to gamers to exchange their digital assets and earn profits.

The inefficiency of these traditional games with centralized servers allows hackers and scammers in the grey markets to take advantage. Neither do they provide any benefit to the players, nor are they advantageous for the developers.

One of the major concerns of these games is that the administrators are unable to safeguard these gaming platforms and their players from frequent shutdowns and cyberattacks. The digital assets of these games are under high risk of loss, fraud, and theft as well.

Web3 Game offers an innovative method to get rid of these discrepancies in traditional games. This makes gaming is one of the industries utilizing Web3 technology and innovating itself for better customer retention and a quality-rich user interface.

Presently, metaverse and Web3 gaming is attracting major investments due to their gained popularity. The crypto space is experiencing a downtime. But the reports from the Data Acquisition and Analysis Firm show that the Web3 gaming and metaverse projects have gathered approximately $748 million in investments since August 2022. This is only possible due to the increased demand for such games in the industry.

Web3 Game offers the gamer integration of innovative techniques like gaming Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs), decentralized gaming ecosystems, games based on blockchains, gaming wallets with crypto-security, and metaverse gaming. Web3 gaming is a more engaging and innovative platform where gamers can earn while they play and enjoy.

The predominant use of blockchain and other technologies like NFT, cryptocurrency, and DAUs make web3 games interactive and user-friendly.

What makes Web3 Game the first choice of gamers?

Web3 games are becoming popular amongst users. An artist, Dino Tomic, said on the capabilities of web3 gaming in the current market, “Most NFT projects in the space promise to deliver a game, but most are yet to truly do one. A few companies have released a play-to-earn game that is in 8-bits.”

Let us look at a few key features that make web3 Game a perfect choice for gamers are:

  • Web3 Applications assist in integrating the web3 elements into the gaming platforms. These apps help the developers and players in accessing the blockchain through in-house game assets and transactions.
  • Smart Contracts help gamers to execute complete in-game transactions and work as the center of attraction in gaming.
  • Crypto wallets enable gamers to hold their crypto tokens and in-game NFTs. They act as the storehouse of gaming for the players.
  • XD hardware like smart glasses, haptic gloves, earbuds, and scanning sensors enhances the user interface, especially for metaverse games.


Comparing Web2 and Web3

Web3 is replacing web2 in several industries due to its better and user-friendly features. Let us look at some of the key features in which web3 makes things easy and simplified for us.

  • Web2 focuses mainly on reading and writing the content, whereas web3 has its focus on creating content.
  • Web2 mainly targets to connect people. On the other hand, web3 mainly targets combining data and increasing trust with the help of decentralization.
  • The payment mode in web2 is via fiat money, but in web3, cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum or Bitcoin are the main payment source.
  • One of the great concerns in web2 is content ownership. In web2 networks takes control over information storage and cause access issues and concerns related to anonymity and protection of online data. Web3 resolves this content ownership issue by offering a data exchange facility in several locations simultaneously.
  • Web2 offers a good speed while scanning for information that is in a fixed place or available on a single server. It uses HTTP in a unique web address. Contrary, web3 assigns ownership to multiple others using a decentralization methodology.

Web3 games with better features and security assurance are revolutionizing the industry. It is making the gaming more interactive, safe, secure, and engaging. Along with making gaming user-friendly and interesting, web3 also enables the users to find better earn-while-you-play options.

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