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Private label equity crowdfunding portals are our meat and drink. Our expertise has enabled hundreds of our clients to launch such portals successfully. Our white label clients can expect ‘better than industry standard’ delivery of the following services:

We’ve helped our clients launch private label equity crowdfunding portals and offer professional assistance at every level. Below are some of the services we offer:


Dedicated Phone Support & Training

At Verify Run, we ensure that you understand your portal and know how to configure it. Our dedicated team maintains regular contact with you on phone and also assists through screen share, making it easier to get started. In case you hire a new person for this job, we are always on hand to train them too. We regularly share informative articles and videos which prove to be beneficial to our clients.

Custom Database Fields

If you need to collect special data for a particular project on your portal, customizing the forms on your portal for that project is your go-to option for getting the job done. Verify Run does just that for you; as per your specific requirements of course.

E-Signature Programming

Verify Run also provides customizable built-in signature options that allow you to include both the data about your offerings and the investor data in online document signing. This process involves heavy-duty integration and field mapping, a time consuming-task that we are well equipped with.

Custom Project Tile

In the eventuality that our default tile data fails to work, the development costs for making our project tiles inclusive of the custom collected data (among other configurations and integrations) is covered by our onboarding package. This increases the affordability and effectiveness of your portal launch.

Branding Package

Branding (Header/Footer/CSS)
Verify Run customizes your portal branding through the use of CSS (colors/fonts/styles) on your website in a way that it complements your current website/corporate branding. We also match your portal’s header and footer with your existing website.

Frontend Source Code Package

This package will give customization options for most of your portal’s theme files. It presents a win-win situation for clients as the portal’s customizability increases without affecting its functionality and usability. The package is inclusive of the expenditure incurred for training your developers. With our assistance and your experienced developers, it will be easier to troubleshoot your custom code.