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Tron is a decentralized network that was developed to provide full freehold to its users means this is an ecosystem where creators are free to develop, comment and upload their content without any censorship. A decentralized edge-to-edge media network that can be accessed worldwide is the goal of its development. The Tron network uses Solidity, TRX, or Tronix as its smart contract languages. This inventive network was developed by Justin Sun in 2017.

Timeline of Tron Blockchain

This is the Chronology to show the evolution of Tron blockchain
Tron Foundation was setup by Justin Sun, and in a single month, they raised $70 million from ICO (Initial coin offering) and realized a whitepaper that consisted of project goals and technical details. At the end of the year 2017, Tron Foundation launched a test net where all the developers are invited to test and deploy smart contracts on the network.
Tron Foundation officially released its Mainnet, and after successfully being released, they acquired Bit Torrent (a P2P file-sharing platform). Months ahead foundation launched the Tron virtual machine (TVM), which enables the deployment of complex smart contracts in a network. After succeeding, Tron decided to move its network from Ethereum (ERC-20) to its own blockchain.
The network achieved a milestone of a million accounts. In half a year, Tron partnered with Tether to launch a stablecoin named USDT and later deployed it in the tron network.
Tron introduced a decentralized exchange (DEx) named as JustSwap; after a few months, Tron experienced higher transaction volumes that are more than Ethereum on a day-to-day basis.
Was the time when Tron surpassed its market capitalization of $20 billion and later announced a new launching of the NFT marketplace named JustNFT. In December 2021, the whole network will be handed over to Tron’s DAO (Decentralized autonomous organization).

Features of Tron Blockchain



As the blockchain system is a decentralized one, it works on the network's information. Thus, it eliminated the need for a server that would ultimately close the system in case of any update or failure. This decentralization of the network makes blockchain less prone to mistakes and thus providing almost 100% availability.


Its distributed architecture and useful node networks make it more reliable and less vulnerable to downtime and cyber-attacks.
Consensus mechanism

Consensus mechanism

DPoS (Delegated- proof of stake) is the consensus maintained 2000 TPS (transaction per second), with a very low set of energy consumption. DPoS follow a decision-making mechanism for token holders, and they can participate to vote for decision-making in the welfare of the network.
Smart Contracts

Smart Contracts

Smart execution of the complex agreement is possible with Tron’s smart contracts. Smart Contracts are codes that have additional features that they can collect live, real-world data as tracking to execute the contracts.
Tron Economics

Tron Economics

Tron has its native Crypto named TRX, the total supply of which is around 9 trillion. It is used to pay for the transaction fees on the Tron network and to incentivize network participants, including content creators and developers. Additionally, Tron has a token burning.


Tron is developed to support the massive on-chain scaling and enable the developers to build applications that can quickly support almost ten thousand users.

Tron Ecosystem

Tron is a blockchain that has a very strong ecosystem, and its network is user-friendly, reliable, fast & secure, etc. Tron networks through Tron Virtual Machine, which comes with a three-layer architecture to distribute vital resources among TRX holders. In addition to decentralized exchanges, Tron is also used for gaming, movie streaming, and landing platforms. Consumers can pay the content creators directly using their Tron tokens.

Tron Explorer

It enables users to explore and view information about transactions, block submissions, and accounts of the Tron blockchain. Tron Explorer is also known as a Trashcan, which provides a user-friendly interface and shows verifiable details like active nodes and block heights that help to check that another person received the amount.

Tron wallets

These are digitalized wallets that enable you to store, transact and hold TRX or other TRX tokens (TRX-10 & TRX-20). These are usable in mobiles, desktops, and even hardware storage (ledgers); their functions and features are different from each other, but recommended to have all of them for better results.

Tron Decentralized applications

Developing applications on tron blockchain and operating a decentralized manner. The various categories of Tron Dapps are gaming apps, social apps, Decentralized exchange (DEx) , decentralized finance (DeFi), etc.


BitTorrent is a peer-to-peer (P2P) file-sharing protocol that enables users to share large files with each other over the internet. It is a native token named BTT, and its total supply is almost quadrillion, which minimizes the transaction cost. BTT network contributes to managing tron to have fast and secure file transfer, and this indirectly helps content creators.

Tron’s Community

Tron community has the highest number of active members from all around the world Members including investors, traders, developers, influencers, etc. The community has regularly managed hackathons, meetups, conferences, etc.

Our Service offerings

Tron is a Blockchain that has various features bringing out various utilities. We deliver exclusive services that bring innovative results to our clients.
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Wallet development

A customized set of wallets and their software are designed that helps to track all the addresses, cryptos, and transactions in the network.

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Developing an exchange is a great idea, but if it decentralized exchanges, this is more secure and reliable.

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Smart Contracts

Tron’s smart contracts are popular for their easy execution of complex contracts; this brings out accurate execution.

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Tron is a layer 1 blockchain that is usually used to develop or deploy applications in a blockchain that make application decentralized.

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