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Risk Management Software

Risk Management | Analysis Software System

Prior to an Audit, it is essential to identify and categorize risk. A correctly performed risk assessment by our software system understands the complexities and requirements of the risk assessment process, before identifying and testing controls to minimize the related risks. The risk assessment software development strategy that we follow is comprised of an information collecting process to identify threats and vulnerabilities of the organization facing by them. We primarily work on such type of philosophy for our customers across the globe by determining the probability and impact of those threats, designing robust audit procedures test, recognizing the existing alleviate controls, etc. under one roof for the smooth functioning of the organization.
SARA risk management software helps in the assessment of all the possible risks, which is critical to conduct for all the financial statement audits, and throughout this process, a collaborative discussion and review is essential as per the business functions. Our capability to consider and understand the various aspects of the technology that help every kind of businesses in enhancing their performance has made various our clients stand out among all their competitors. We believe in cooperating with many layers of your organization, management, staff, and directors to ensure that risks are adequately recognized. We can assist you in finding IT risks by conducting a thorough and comprehensive risk assessment that will protect your organization and valuable IT assets.
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Comprehensive Risk Assessment Approach

We start our assessment by working closely with you in order to understand your business requirements and take necessary actions to support your functions. We will work with and key individuals within your business and information technology services to figure-out policies, procedures, and practices through the following measures:

  • Information gathering sessions.
  • Identify threats and dangers.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of controls
  • Examining overall residual risk
  • Determining the probability and roots of threats occurring.

Our ultimate aim of SARA's risk management software is to make your organization risk free appetite concerning your business functions and technologies through recognizing lope holes and providing comprehensive advice to fruitfully close those gaps to lessen potential risks to the business in the quick span of time.