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A software system that will help you focus on generating leads and producing business. Allowing you to free up your mind from management headaches

CPA Practice Management Software

Online CPA Practice Management Software

Managing and monitoring the general workflow in a business manually is a complex task. This requires more manual power and is less efficient. SARA Technologies has launched an easy to use and user-friendly practice management software to improve work efficiency, manage employees and client records. The tasks that can be undertaken with the assistance of QuickStart Admin includes managing client schedule, employee time and expense management, billing, employee pay and leave management, project management, event management, file storehouse management, 24*7 support services and all this can be controlled and managed in a most effective way.

Our practice management system can be used to record personal and family details of all the employees. It can be used to record and assign tasks and designations to the employees. Manage the status of work given to the employee and also you can track the status of work – how much done or how much is pending? You can even get to know that how much time an employee spent on a particular project assigned by the company. This will also show the working capability and strength of an employee. However, implementing this software will give you all the essential information about the working of the employees, profits generated from the clients and entire performance under a single stack.

Features of Accounting Practice Management System

From gathering project details to delivering it to the clients, you can manage the entire project workflow in an extremely controlled manner with an assurance to produce proficiency.


Our software will provide total control on what employees can do and see online.


Quick Start can be accessed from anywhere on any device without any problem.


Everything would be organized and safe through our QuickStart software development.


Our software is efficient enough to handle every employee personal data without any error.


It kept an authority to manage all employee data by scheduling managers and set their permissions.


All the employee information is secure and not being shared with anybody through password protection.

Benefits of Adopting QuickStart Admin

It is a management software that will help you to control your entire business workflow in a stable and regulated approach

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Effective Time and Expenses Controlling

There would be no more bundles of paperwork in the project and no need for manual handwork. All the bills, expenses, and other critical updates can be made from any location, using any device in real time without any problem.

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Client Details Management

All the client details are kept in a secure system and could be made available to the project manager at any time. The information is safe from outside infiltration. The project manager can share the information with clients in a secure environment.

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Project Management

The software makes accessible all the information under one roof. This makes easy access for interested parties to know the status of the project and make decisions more efficiently and in this way, you can efficiently manage your existing work.

Project Management System

Leave Management for Employees

The employees will be able to apply for leaves and check their status. The Employer or Project Manager can approve and reject leaves as per his/her requirement. The employees will be informed about the status of their leave requests.

Workflow Management System

Managing Multiple Clients

All the client details can be managed in a single software. Your company can manage multiple projects at the same time in a single software. This improves work efficiency confusion among the project management department.

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Billing Management

All the bills and expenses could be managed with the QuickStart software provided by us. The bills can be shared with the clients, this increases transparency in the project and improves the integrity of your company on a broader scale.

Accounting Practice Management

Why QuickStart Admin is Best Choice

QuickStart Admin allows the user to keep a track of the organisation's HR department through a single press of a button.

  • User-friendly software which is easy to use on any operating device.
  • Offers flexible, customized services as per the client’s needs.
  • The software has remote access that can be used anywhere or anytime.
  • Minimizes HR department workload, increases employee productivity.
  • Round the clock support by our experts to solve all types of queries.
  • Our software is Go-green that means eliminates the role of paper.
  • Flexible and easy to maintain employee details & schedules.
  • Quick installation and downtime prevention for better user experience.