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As new rules, directives, and implications pour in every day, it’s now more important than ever to have your offering documents contain adequate and proper information. Disregarding these aspects can leave you to the mercy of investor suits and SEC actions.

Hence, it’s important to protect yourself and your firm from becoming a subject to such perils, whilst simultaneously highlighting your floated investment opportunity in a good light. We are here to help you come up with the right document optimized exactly to suit your type of deal.


A private place memorandum (PPM) is a disclosure document meant for potential investors. It also serves as a record to state that all material information about the company has been provided and hence comes in handy when raising capital from unacquainted investors or people with whom you have no direct personal relationship. It’s advisable to use a PPM whenever you float a Regulation D506 (b) or 506(c) offering or any other type of private placement, so as to keep yourself and your business on the safer side.


Are you taking investments from non-accredited investors via Regulation Crowdfunding? Note that a company must prepare a Form C in order to raise capital using Regulation Crowdfunding and file it at least 21 days prior to launching an offering, with the SEC so as to conform with the regulations outlaid by the SEC and the JOBS Act.

We at Saratechnologies inc. offer a Form C drafting tool that saves you generous amounts (in time as well as money) as compared to hiring a law firm to do the same for you. The Form C prepared using our tool at the very best requires only a light legal review, which can be performed by your own lawyer, or if you wish, we can have that done as well. Whence signed upon, it's filing with the SEC is just a click away.

What’s more? Using our drafting tool guarantees that you are, at the very least, compliant with all disclosure requirements laid out by the SEC.


Are you thinking of catching investments from both accredited as well as non-accredited investors using Reg A+?

Our team of elite Legal Experts, Advisors, and Attorneys can help you file well in-time with the SEC for pre-approval of the same (which, by the way, can take up to 9 months depending on your project).


If instead, you opt for raising capital for your company from friends, family, or investors with special motives, you may not need to go in for a complete PPM documentation. However, it’s still advisable and desirable to inculcate a well-designed set of risk factors to protect yourself and your firm from any liability arising in the future. Think of risk factors as insurance for your security offerings which if planned well, can serve as your safeguard against investor lawsuits and actions of the SEC. Through a series of simple yes-no questions and briefly describing some required pieces of info, we can help design a set of risk factors that can be personally customized to suit your needs and protect your interests.