Sara Technologies


Worldwide KYC / AML & ID Verification


Know Your Customer or the KYC is an imperative part of everything related to investments. We provide identity document verification along with admin dashboards and also re-submission management. You’re in safe hands when it comes to purchasing tokens, our KYC service lets you whitelist the BTC/ETH addresses of purchasers.


Consumer Identity verification is necessary to keep data and investments secure. We provide various forms of identity verification - using data or identity document verification - or a combination of both. With Dynamic - knowledge-based authentication and phone verification, we can credibly trust the on-paper consumer is also the one in person.


At Verify Run, we use several ways to verify the country of residence. From blocking users from blacklisted countries - we also have an option where you can build your own firewalls and rules for different countries on the basis of compliance standards for each. Our systems are equipped to verify about 500 different identity documents in 195 countries, including the Social Security Number Validation for the United States.


Investments depend on a variety of factors - everyone faces different financial situations and needs - whether it is the annual income, age, other investments, liquid net worth or tax status’. Consumers should be able to purchase the apt investments from Broker-Dealers, and we ensure that we have an entire customer investment profile - whatever that entails - from age to financial records.


The OFAC or the Office of Foreign Assets Control is simply the US Treasury. This division ensures to implement the US economic trade sanctions according to the US National Foreign Policy, making sure that countries or regions that can be sensitive to US’ security can be prohibited from entering into business with US citizens and organizations under the Specially Designated Nationals List (SDN).


PEPs or Politically Exposed Persons’ transactions are needed to take place carefully under the eyes of financial institutions. Although there is no formal process or definition to identify a PEP, it refers to the foreign officials or senior political figures. It is better to identify PEPs at the very beginning of the enrollment or transaction with respect to the KYC and Anti-money laundering regulations. We’re here to make this identification hassle-free and easy.


All authorities including the UK Government and the European Union preserve and update a list of cases dealt with individuals, entities, and countries. There are often names that fall under both lists, however, the measures are taken as per each authorities’ regulations. While in the United Kingdom, the HM treasury preserves financial sanctions and details, in the European Union they are taken care of by the European Union External Action Service (EEAS). The companies and organizations dealing in transactions in the UK and the EU need to go through both the authority lists to keep in compliance.