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Human Resource Management System

Human Resource Management System - HR Management Software

Electronic Human Resources or E-Hr is a single and straightforward solution for managing the human resources of your firm, managing the recruitment process of your business and managing the career goals of your human resources. We at SARA Technologies provide robust human resource management software that can manage and ease out the recruitment process for your business. With E-Hr one can create a real-time, information-based self-service, or interactive work environment. Through it, managers can access relevant information and data in the quick span of time, conduct analysis, decision making or communicate with other employees. Employees can also be able to control their personal information like update their records, make a decision on their own without any professionals, etc.
E-HR development aims to keep information available to employees as well as managers anywhere at any time. It may include organizations HR portals or web applications, Enterprise Resource Planning, HR service centers, etc. and will affect both efficiency and effectiveness of Human resources function. By using an E-Hr department for your business, you would increase work efficiency in your business. It would not only save time but ease out the recruitment process for your company. The management aspect of E-HR includes drafting of policies and controlling of traffic as well as a collection of electronic information. In contrast, E-HR is a human resource function that requires cross-functional knowledge and collaboration between various departments.

HR Management Software Features

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Dedicated Account Manager

A dedicated account manager will actively monitor your needs as per your business and performs on-site visits to identify solutions in the quick span of time.

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End-to-end Services

Our E-HR services will increase the efficiency of your HR department. From hiring to employee portfolio, we are ready to provide you end-to-end services

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Comprehensive Back Support

We offer complete back-end support services to the customers for all aspects of recruitment processes. Here you will get the real-time assistance of E-HR department.

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Expand Your Presence

With our HR management software one can expand the business presence because when you post a vacancy for the employment, you come into the limelight to various job seekers.

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Round the Clock Availability

Our 24x7 presence will always answer your queries through highly qualified support team and resolve your issue with minimal real-time with solution.

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We provide robust software maintenance services with timely updating solutions and downtime prevention so that your business can run smoothly.

Benefits of Human Resource Management Software

Manage posting job details

Manage Posting Job Details

Through E-HR, your company can be able to manage job details provided to the employee over the website. You can post job details like work type, position, salary, etc. The recruiting Hr Department can post about the educational qualifications and work experience needed for the job.

Filter job searches

Filter Job Searches

Through this feature, a job seeker would be able to filter jobs as per his/her skills, qualifications and matching profiles. This would ease out the task for jobseeker and thus invite more applications for the company to choose from. This will increases efficiency in the entire recruitment process.

Job application

Job Application

The job seekers would need to register with E-HR department of your company to apply for jobs. Once the registration process is done, they can upload their resumes and the necessary details to be analyzed by the recruiter. They can track the status of their job application and get regular updates from the recruiting company.

Managing recruitment process

Managing Recruitment Process

The recruitment process through E-HR is highly effective and efficient. The e-Hr Department can manage the job applications online and check any kind of criminal records, references, conduct personal interviews with the job seeker. They can provide regular updates for the job applications to the jobseekers.

email notifications

E-Mail Notifications

For each step of the recruitment process, the users can be updated through email with the necessary details. The recruiting e-Hr department can contact with references for confirming the details given by the job seeker. This will also save time for both employees as well as an employer.

Cost effective

Cost Effective

The traditional recruitment process would require the recruiters to manage all the paperwork and records personally. This requires more workforce and needs more time to get the work done. With online recruitment, the company can reduce the work power needed in this process and thus save costs for the business.