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Best OKR Software - Performance Management Software

E-governance or electronic governance signifies technology driven governance which is a methodology, rapidly expanding across the globe. With each passing day more and more government organizations and departments are looking towards for broadly implementing this software through e-governance. SARA Technologies offers robust, cost-effective and fully compliant e-governance solutions to our customers that include performance management software and application, OKR software development, emerging mobile/smartphone applications, government website development, etc. under one roof. E-governance solutions enhanced transparency in the system and greater value by eliminating the role of paper-based transactions. It is a fact that with the evolution of e-governance solutions, it has become critical to state as well as national government agencies to provide responsive and efficient services to their citizens.
E-governance is the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) application build for delivering customized government services, exchange of information, integration of stand-alone systems and services between (G2C) Government-to-citizens, (G2B), Government-to-business and (G2G) Government-to-government or interaction within the government framework. Countries with good e-governance are always considered as the prime mover of their citizen’s progress and is a valuable tool to provide the broad access of quality government services to the people of that country, to bring more transparency in the economy, and reduce corruption making government more accessible to its citizen.

Features Of OKR Software

Clearly, this web-based software solution offers the low-cost, valuable, and easy-to-use tools necessary for the new-generation legislative organization.
electronic personnel register

Electronic personnel register

E-Governance maintains each personnel register that gives relevant information about them to bring more trust.

reminders and notifications

Reminders & Notifications

Trough E-Governance one can easily send reminders and notifications to officers via e-mails and SMS hassle-free.

interdepartmental interface

Interdepartmental Interface

It also helps in boosting the efficiency of mass processing tasks and public administration operations.

accountability and efficiency

Accountability and Efficiency

With E-Governance, you can get a transparent government that is accountable to answer the citizens.

data consolidation

Data consolidation

E-Governance also provides a mixed platform where you collect and integrate data from multiple resources.

work task prioritization

Work/Task prioritization

E-Governance primarily worked on task/work prioritization, i.e., every project either big or small – need clear priorities.

Benefits That Our Performance Management Software Offer

Performance Management Software

Improved Transparency & Accountability

E-governance for sure enhance transparency and accountability in the working structure, and we automate your processes by ensuring real-time information access to various stakeholders to bring more togetherness between the government agency and their citizens.

Improved transparency and accountability

Increased Accessibility

With robust e-governance, you can improve the accessibility and popularity of public services hassle-free with our effort-driven processes and internet-enabled customized solutions to our customers under one roof saving time and money.

Increased accessibility

Higher Security

E-governance ensures total security of government as well as personal data through many technologies like digital certificates, biometrics, encryption and authorized access levels. All our solutions guarantee complete protection through e-governance.

Higher security

Enhanced Management

With our e-governance solutions, you can improve change management effectively and efficiently with expertise in government domains and innovation models. Here you will get an opportunity to manage every single change according to your control.

Enhanced management

Quick Action

A new update comes to light or as business condition change; our e-governance solution will alert you on time so that you can analyze your data, make informed decisions and can further take action quickly in order to rectify that issue within real-time.

End to end solutions

End-to-End Solutions

We always give preference to offer end-to-end solutions to our customers by providing consulting services through our experts that help clients to determine which solution is right for their business, and the technical capability of any platform.