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Electronic Curriculum refers to computer-based learning, including educational materials available to students through online courses, web mechanisms or CD and DVD used to search the literature to enhance academic programs. SARA Technologies provides one of the best education curriculum online management system with more than 10 years of experience in IT sector offering services globally with the highest customer satisfaction. Moreover, e-curriculum comes with various specific competencies, accreditation standards, medical topics, etc. to track what is and is not getting enclosed in the curriculum framework from the student’s perspective. Hence, online learning can encourage independent to explore his/her knowledge to its full swing by providing complete support which is not possible in a traditional classroom-based course.
Our e-curriculum software is designed to provide digital access to the school curriculum, teaching and learning resources to both teachers as well as learners, and other stakeholders. The e-curriculum offers both offline and online access to the prescribed national curricula in all subjects that are provided at the primary and secondary education levels. Thus, we can say that e-curriculum allows teachers, students and parents anytime-anywhere access to curriculum-based information and also gives you an immediate ROI from a wide variety of sources with the simple and intuitive user interface. This will also save your time and money by reducing the use of physical resources such as paper, and works on the Go- Green initiative.

Our School Management Software Features

From gathering project details to delivering it to the clients, you can manage the entire project workflow in an extremely controlled manner with an assurance to produce proficiency.

Greater Online Access

Allow students and parents to have online access to subject descriptions, prerequisites, objectives, etc.

Robust Assistance

Assist the policymakers, Ministry of Education, Local Education Authorities, etc. in standardizing curriculum across all schools under their jurisdiction.

Proper Planning

Encourage, counsellor and assist teachers to create collaboration groups and form networks to plan what is going to be taught.

Portable Courses

Entirely portable courses for learning management system by synching of course calendars with mobile devices to access course lectures, audio files, etc.

Services that our Student Management Software Offer

best student management system

Robust Assessment

Proper learning needs assessment, and we are always there to help you by bringing a well-designed course that starts with the appropriate planning for the students. Our learning designers first understand your students and course objectives so that we can suggest the best possible approach as per your requirements.

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Curriculum Design

Our customized Curriculum design focuses on the creation of the comprehensive course blueprint. Through the experienced designers, we provide a systematic approach to mapping of content to learning objectives, covering how to develop a course outline and construct the course.

Student Management System

Course Development

We have catered over 2,000-course development services to the customers across the globe through our experts that are well versed in content generation, course technology, building a fully blueprint course, etc. We can also make unique learning objects.