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White Label Crypto Exchange

We have a ready-to-deliver cryptocurrency exchange platform and software solution for the clients who are in a hurry and can't wait until the development phase.

Crypto Exchange Software Features

  1. Cryptocurrency Exchange Features

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  3. cryptocurrency exchange software

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Leverage Trading

Highly stable risk management system to eliminate the chances of exchange failure, data loss and thereby to maximize the number of trades per second.


Margin Trading

Trusted partner to make the profit by borrowing the coins from other lender and return to them after making the commission basis exchange profits at the predefined rates.


Order Sharing

STI’s exchange provides an additional feature to mirror orders. Instructions on one associate`s order book are imitated on others order book and exponentially increase liquidity.


Integrated Referral Program

For creating public interest in our exchange, we have integrated a referral system in it. The commission can be accessed easily after the success of the referred trade.


Matching Engine

It uses a diverse range of algorithms to allocate trades amid competing bids and offers at the corresponding price. It supports thousands of real-time transactions every second.


Multicurrency Wallet

A diverse range of digital currencies can be stored in the wallet and can be exchanged with any of the other currency as per their choice and need not pay the transaction fee.


Higher Security

Our exchange platform follows two-factor authentication to eliminate any unusual activity in your private network. Transactions are made immutable using the blockchain technology.


Multi-currency exchange

The exchange platform that we have created, not only allows you to trade all the major cryptocurrencies but also enables you to exchange it will provide the physical currencies.





Exchanges are the software programs that we use for trading our assets over a medium of exchange. For last few years, we are assisting the clients across the globe through our exchange platforms for smoothly exchanging the digital currencies for other assets such as fiat currency or other virtual currencies. The professionals here have created a diverse range of highly functional, reliable, and technologically advanced cryptocurrency exchange through which all the dominant cryptocurrency can be traded. The best thing about the exchange that we have developed is its customizability. It is developed with a primary focus on eliminating the code dependency so that the users can make changes in the code at any phase as per their specific business needs.


If you already have decided to launch your own exchange. When you are in a hurry to launch it ASAP without wasting any more time, no need to worry about, our cryptocurrency developers have years of excellence and we have a supremely coded ready-made exchange that is ready to be delivered. Our experts have integrated all the basic to advanced features with robust functionality. It is not limited to this only while starting the exchange; each user will be availed with their individual wallet to store, send and receive the crypto-assets. Thousands of transactions can be made every second without any mix-ups. The code is entirely independent and is highly customizable, can be changed at any stage of development without any unwanted complexities.




Advantages of Cryptocurrency Exchange Software

blockchain technology integration

Blockchain Technology Integration


highly secured medium of transfer

Highly Secured Medium of Transfer


multi-currency wallet to store and trade

Multi-currency wallet to store and trade


allows the internal and external exchange

Allows the Internal & External Exchange


temper-proof exchange services

Tamper-proof Exchange Services


Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform Development

Comparatively Less Transaction Fees


Why Choose Us for Custom White Label Crypto Exchange

Principles and Standards

We keep an eye on market trends about blockchain & cryptocurrency. Put entire our vigor to produce superiority.

Powered by Knowledge

Our entire service policy lies on a rigorous understanding of individual clients context and a team of professionals personally look into it.

Heterogeneity and Inclusion

We have a diversified range of consultants to help you take the right decisions and hence promises to avail you with stable solutions.

Perfection Delivered

Our service policy lies on a principal to deliver perfection with the results to make the clients reach the peak of satisfaction and ROI.

Quick and low-cost development

Need not to wait until the development phase completion, we have a ready-made code that is highly customizable as per your specific needs and will not cost you much.

Massive Range of Service Plans

Have numerous service plans, you can choose the one that fits your actual business needs. We never compromise with the service quality irrespective to the opted service plan.