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We always make sure that our clients get the most suitable blockchain development services for their business, and we provide on-demand features too.

Solana Blockchain Development Services | Company

Solana is the layer three blockchain that follows the proof of history (Proof of history is an algorithm that keeps a record of events, like when they occurred and what was the exact time) algorithm. Solana is the blockchain that stands on three pillars (scalability, security, and speed), and its native name is SOL. It was first created by Anatoly Yakovenko in November 2017, but it was finally launched in mid of 2019.

It is a premium-class distributed ledger that is super-fast in nature, and it is based on blockchain technology and smart contracts. The prices of Solana have skyrocketed in the past few years, and it can be used in health care, retail, and financial industries as a private blockchain; at Sara Technologies Inc., we provide the best Solana Blockchain Development Services with cutting-edge Solana Blockchain Solutions to you.

As a Solana Development Company, Sara Technologies Inc. will assist you in developing decentralized enterprise applications using Solana. The most considerable quality of Solana is that its block time is 400 milliseconds, which means they are literally very fast. Specifically, when you compare them with the block time of Ethereum, which is 10 seconds, and with bitcoin, which is 10 minutes.

Solana Blockchain Development Services| Company

But that’s not the end; the officials of Solana claim that they can handle seven hundred and ten thousand transactions per second, which is exactly thirty times the number of transactions that visa handles. Recently a survey became popular that says that the administration of Solana has reported around one hundred and fifty to two hundred million transactions per day.

What Solana Blockchain Development Services do we offer?

  • Solana Smart Contract Implementing and Auditing Services - Well-experienced in Rust and C+ programming, Sara Technologies Inc. offers Solana smart contract development and auditing services, allowing you to manage your business contracts in an intuitive and trusty way.

  • Solana blockchain-based Decentralized Apps Development Services - Our developers can assist you in developing highly customized applications, including server-side API (Application Programming Interface), unit tests, web user Interface, etc.

  • Solana Blockchain Game Development Services - We provide an immersive gaming platform where players can fully possess their digital assets over the Solana blockchain.

  • Solana Token Development Services – Fast and secure tokenization of digital assets by operating Solana on an integrated blockchain network tailored to your business necessity.

  • Solana Blockchain Consulting Services – By taking consulting services, you will understand, strategize, and analyze the necessity of blockchain in your business.

Why choose us for Solana Development Services?

  • Decentralized Integrated System – Sara Technologies Inc. has a team of developers working on a decentralized integrated system of Solana Blockchain. It doesn't need to be controlled by any central body or person. It is owned and observed by the user working on it simultaneously, making it a more interactive and unbiased mode of transaction.

  • Transparency – Our professionals are well conscious of your privacy concerns. Therefore, they offer you the most transparent Solana blockchain development services.

  • Reduction in Transaction Costs – Solana Blockchain services that Sara Technologies Inc. offers have an almost negligible amount of transaction fees.

  • Innovative Solana Blockchain Solution – We have experts who update themselves timely with emerging technologies to serve you with the best blockchain development services.

  • Customize and On-demand Updates – We develop Solana blockchains in such a way that they can be more convenient, super-fast, and a lot safer to use.

  • 24x7 Support System – Our experts are always available to assist you. We have a 24x7 help desk to solve your queries.