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Sara Technologies understands that in order for a company’s growth strategy to be successful, it needs to be supported by up-scaling IT resources and adopted technologies. Our Application Development & Management (ADM) Service assists your business’s growth plans by bringing innovations and updated techniques to every necessary aspect of your evolving company.

Our ADM Service utilizes these key approaches:

Architecture Strategy and Design

  • Develops a flexible IT infrastructure to support your company’s growth.
  • Supports your company’s use of innovative technologies.
  • Provides suggestions for technology and vendors.

  • Application Development and System Integration

  • Provides an approach that supports holistic growth and worldwide connectivity.
  • Helps cut your development time.
  • Using social media, creates an environment where the best minds can quickly share and respond to others’ ideas.

  • Quality Assurance and Testing

  • Locates and solves performance issues before they
  • Designs your software with the right solutions from the beginning to support user load time capacity and response time needs.
  • Software assurance and testing saves your company’s resources, rather than wasting time and money trying to improve upon faulty software.

  • Application Management and Outsourcing

  • Using business metrics, analyzes and enhances your applications to ensure that they continue to meet your quality and cost expectations.
  • Provides options for improving your applications’ quality and cost.
  • Can help your company reduce costs by 25% to 40% by managing your applications well.

  • Legacy Modernization

  • Assesses your legacy system and provide suggestions for your system’s modernized architecture.
  • Upgrades your legacy system or retires older legacy systems that have grown too costly.
  • Ensures that your legacy system solutions are comparably priced to your system or provide reduced future costs.

  • Application Mobility

  • Designs a mobile strategy for your company, which includes an easy user interface, governance, and mobile app design and development.
  • Creates a mobile strategy with the best mobile features, including mobile e-learning, enterprise app stores, and other cloud-based features.
  • Suggests the best mobile governance option to meet your company’s needs. Provides Mobile Application Management (MAM).
  • Offers mobile testing to initially detect problems with app software so it can be immediately corrected, thus saving your company the high costs of later testing.
  • Tests and corrects mobile apps to optimize their functions and ensure they provide the highest value with the lowest price.
  • Helps you securely migrate between legacy platforms, such as from BlackBerry to Android, without risking security breaches.
  • Designs user-friendly interfaces developed for easy use from mobile devices.

  • Gamification

  • Provides gamification assistance to increase employee engagement and collaboration.
  • Helps you with building a productive game strategy.
  • Implements gamification features which can accelerate productivity and problem solving.

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